Saturday, 25 July 2015

House update

The house!    Finally I'm starting to put it together.  In this pic you can also see the detrius of the tools and other stuff.  This was the 'after' pic - after I'd tidied up.   I managed to get the sides, front and base all glued together, now I need to let the glue really take hold.  I had attempted to add the dividing floor, but a few bits needed a trim, so I decided to leave it till tomorrow.   This pretty much took all afternoon, I did a dry run and found that some of the lugs needed trimming,  then it was a case of putting the bits together. 

This is it from the side view, all being held together by tape.  The glue had begun to set by this point, but I wanted to ensure a tight fit. 

I did a little bit of filling on the top, all the lugs have been trimmed and so the holes need to be neatened.   There'll be more filling tomorrow, then sanding, then painting.   Plus the roof needs to be built, but not glued down yet,  I want to have access to the top floor of the house for decorating.  

I found the mod podge in Hobbycraft,  it was with all the other glues...  !  So I got a matt and a gloss, the former being for wallpaper, and the latter for the flooring, or some of it.  

I've also made a decision on the lighting, and chosen to use battery lights.  To wire the house, and then add lights would cost over £50+, battery lights are much, much cheaper, plus there is no wiring involved and the lights can be easily moved.   Also found a site that has a sale on battery lights!

Good old Duck tape,  but with a twist, this is patterned.  I'm sure you've seen them in craft shops.  I was wondering how I could make a tiled floor for the bathroom and kitchen...  and this will do nicely!   I did think about printing but... there is all the mess of sealing it.  I can also use this on the walls for a tile effect, or find another roll with a different pattern.   I also wondered about mosaic tiles, those tiny ones you can get in the craft shops?  Saw some of those when I was looking for the acetate - lots of ideas floating around in my head right now.

I couldn't do any work on the house until Friday as I had a friend to stay for a few days, then had a hospital appointment on Thursday.    I also had raging toothache on Monday,  yep the tooth has gone, but the infection hadn't.  I felt truly rotten on Monday,  the day my friend was due to arrive.   But she provided the solution to my tooth woes, oil of cloves!   We got some the next day, it tasted absolutely foul, but it did the trick and the infection was soon on the wane.   Tuesday was spent with me shuffling around, and doing a lot of sitting in Cheshire Oaks, an outlet park.  I hate shopping,  my friend loves it...  so it was ironic that it was me who came away with two bargains, a very comfortable pair of Sketchers memory foam shoes, and new perfume, while my mate didn't find a thing!    We had a lovely lunch at Ed's Diner,  a very scrumptious burger and chilli chips, and to wash it down we had a budweiser.   My friend was so desperate to buy something that, as we left I spotted that there was a Debenhams, so we went in there and she got a shirt - phew.  

Thursday was the hospital, to be assessed,  well I learned a few more medical words for my condition,  have the choice of surgery or physio,  chose the latter but know that if it doesn't work then surgery maybe the only option.   I am concerned that so far there haven't been any x rays,  I'd like to know what shape my back is in, I know it is knackered,  but I'd like to know how bad it is.   On Friday and today the back and neck have been worse,  my little fingers on both hands are numb.  Alarmingly I discovered that the reflexes in my right knee are rubbish, on one side there is no reflex!  Didn't have much faith in the medic, he was too chatty, and not very observant for my liking.   On the upside my PIP payments have been continued, phew, a big relief,  mainly because it means I can keep my blue badge, which is a Godsend.

So plan for tomorrow is to finish putting the house together, then do the filling.  This week it will be more painting, putting in windows (hence the acetate),  sorting out the verandah, doors and shutters. Then I have to sort out the roof, put the shingles on it.   All that will keep me busy for a while!  Then at some point I can begin to think about decoration and furnishings, it will have a kitchen, bathroom, studio, living room, kitchen and bedrooms.  The verandah will have plants,  and some coach lights.  I think it will be Christmas before it is all finished. I don't  mind how long it takes,  I'm really enjoying the process.

So all for now, may post tomorrow if I get the upper floor done, and the roof.   Thanks for stopping by.

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