Sunday, 5 July 2015

Going to the dogs

Oh dear, think I may have put the mockers on Nadal,  I drew this while he was playing, then he lost...   Mind you I did like how his opponent played tennis, very exciting, and thoroughly entertaining.  Not sure Nadal appreciated it however.   Is he finished?   I do wonder if he can come back, he's been a professional tennis player since he was 15,  and at that time he mainly played on clay, which is a very tough surface, long matches etc.    Guess we'll all have to wait and see, but not sure he will ever figure atWimbledon again. 

And isn't it nice to have some cooler weather?    It was just TOO hot last week,  not enjoyable,  just makes everyone grumpy.  The sun was lovely, just not the humidity and high temperatures,  we Brits do far better in the mid 20s.   Mind you how daft was it to see the umpires at Wimbledon wearing a shirt AND tie!

This could be the last tennis drawing,  it is Amelie Mauresmo,  Murray's coach.  She won Wimbledon and the Australian open in the same year.   She also suffered discrimnation early on in her career, with some top players commenting on her sexuality - I hope they are now ashamed of what they said at the time. 

She was a fantastic player to watch, she just lacked confidence.    But don't we all?   I do, all the time.  I get so fussy over my drawings, little wonder they take so long to complete.   Today I gave one of my drawings away,  and was so nervous about it,  I was on the verge of apologising for it not being perfect.   I try not to be too fussy,  but far too often I am.

 And now, as they say, for something completely different, a sad looking dog!   He was for the dog challenge,  didn't think I'd manage to finish him in time, but I couldn't cut any corners.   He could still be better! 

Oh that drawing I gave away, it was the one I did of my mum.  I was so nervous about giving it to my niece, to then pass on to her mum (my sister), that I said to ask her to send it back to me if she didn't like it, or wasn't going to display it.   See, lack of confidence! 

It's been a tough week health wise,  no good in hot weather at the best of times,  but with my back being so bad it's been really tough.  Now my legs don't seem to want to work properly.  I over did it yesterday, though I didn't realise it at the time,  just went to the chemist, then I popped into a couple of shops to get stuff,  walked back to the car, then back to the chemist.   By the time I got home I was in agony,  took me ages to get up the stairs.  I was meant to be visiting my niece and her husband at the food and drink fest, but the car park was miles away and I just had to admit defeat.  Now I'm worrying about the budget, and what cuts that bloody Osbourne will dole out to the poor.   They, the tories, keep on using the word 'fair', yet they keep rewarding the rich and penalising the poor.   I've paid my taxes,  paid into the system,   and now I'm bloody angry that they, the government are reneging on the deal..  

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