Thursday, 16 July 2015

Welcome to my new home

I have my own home...  well I'd need to shrink to fit into it, but it is mine, all mine.  It arrived at lunchtime, which was a relief.... why you ask? Well yesterday I developed toothache, which resulted in a sleepless night.  So this morning I rang the dentist for an emergency appointment, hoping I could get one for the afternoon, but, the only one available was for this morning...  I went, tooth was more important than house.  Fortunately a neighbour said she'd take the parcel, if it came while I was at the dentist.   Wasn't gone long,  tooth has to come out tomorrow,  which will be a relief.  I'm doped up with codiene and ibuprofen, which seems to be doing the trick.

So first photo shows the house,  in its raw glory,  with bits missing, like the verandah... not that they are missing, I just didn't put them on.  Everything is there as I checked,  also they put in all the bits that had been pushed out of windows etc, so I have lots of pieces of wood.... 

The side view,   all in all the house has four rooms, so I need four ceiling lights, and I'd like a couple of lamps.   There are some sticky out bits, but I can get rid of those so that the walls will be flush.  I need to figure out how to attach the shutters to the front windows, sadly those that came with it were damaged.  The buyer stold me that they were, so she was completely honest with me.  I could just stick the shutters on, but if I can find some small hinges...  There is also the veranda to think about, that will need some plants. 

Whoever had it before botched the windows, they stuck the frames on without putting the plastic behind them.  I wondered if the frames would come off, but they've been glued on.  So that means some improvisation.

The back view.  It is an open backed house, though I'll be sealing it with some plexi glass.  You may be able to see the wall paper effort that someone attempted.  It was awful, the paper was pretty, but they'd not primed the wood so it was all falling off.  It didn't take me long to remove it all.  There are stairs and room dividers, though they don't go up to the ceiling (to allow you to view the contents!).   Over the next few days I'll be priming it all, that means every bit of wood needs to be painted, two coats minimum.  And dry wood drinks paint!

Well he had to get in on the act!   He woke up and came to investigate.  I think it met with his approval.  There is so much to do!   Need to go get some supplies tomorrow,  sealant, glue, mod podge.  My head is already bubbling with ideas. First things first however,  after the painting comes the electrics, then the decorating, inside and out.  It needs carpets, flooring,  furniture,  still not sure what era to choose. 

I was thinking of my mum today and what she would have said,  it would have been: and where is that going to go?    It is a lot bigger than I thought it would be.   It will be occupying the kitchen table for a few months as it is the only place it will fit. 

All for now,  time to take more painkillers...  

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