Sunday, 27 December 2015

And that was Christmas 2015

Here is the failed mouser...  he's been booked in for a refresher course on mousing.   I think he's a tad embarassed that a mouse got the better of him as he had a right old row with his girlfriend!  

I've been getting over the lurgy.  The sore throat is much better, as are the aches and pains.   I had to make an emergency dash to the supermarket yesterday to stock up on ibuprofen,  plus cat lit.  Poor Harvey has been forced to use his tray because of all this bloody rain.   It rained all day yesterday, it finally stopped in the evening,  I noticed that the canal is very full, just glad I don't live near it. 

Now best update you on Winterberry Hall.

Progress has been slow because of the lurgy.   Yesterday I finally got round to glueing the extra bits to the walls. This bit is the back wall,  just need to add the last bit of the chimney.    I put the window in,  once the chimney has all its pieces I'll go over it with some filler to accentuate its wonkiness.     I still have to put on the timber frame, once I've worked out which bit goes were.   Some of it is easy to place, other bits less so as they have the possibility of two locations. 

This side is complete.   I love the detail on the timber frame,   plus it has the overhang as it would have done back in Tudor/Elizabethan times.   A lot of the buildings in Chester have the timber frames,  it all looks pretty but not sure I'd like to live in one.  

I've put some molding paste round the seams,  though the roof bit won't be seen.  There have been so many bits to paint on this project,  and there is still a lot more that needs to be assembled.  Not that I mind, I've enjoyed the challenges it has thrown up.  The brick work was a revelation,  and the mask will be used again.   I intend to get more of the brick masks for future projects. 

This is the opposite side to the one above.  It now has to be dressed, as it were with more timber framing, and that also includes the windows.   The paint is grey, but the daylight lamp has bleached out the colour. 

At least today it was dry, and we even enjoyed some sunshine for a while.  Such a relief not to be stuck in the gloom all day long.   Watching the news has been heartbreaking, so many ruined houses and businesses.   It made me laugh when they said that the soldiers had given up their Christmas... er, as an ex army type I can state that when you are a soldier you are on duty whenever you are required.    At our base we could alternate between Christmas or New Year, but not have both, and then we'd only be granted leave if we not needed on camp.    You are also paid for 23hrs and 59 mins,  as a staff car driver my hours were as and when required, so some days I could be working right up to midnight, it all depended on what engagements the Brigadier had.   So folks, the army comes as cheap labour, they will do a great job and do whatever is asked of them.  As will all the other emergency services, who are being hammered by cuts under this bloody government.  

So that was Christmas,  a miserable one for a great many this year,and not just in this country.   Mine was quiet,  which was my preference.   I've done many a big Christmas celebration,  worked my way through left overs on Boxing day in a relative's house, and wanting to be anywhere else.    I've had nice Christmases with my family, and a few I prefer to forget...  in fact the last family Christmas kind of put me off wanting to do it ever again.    It was a disaster,   we had been warned (me and mum) that we wouldn't be eating dinner till around 5pm.  That was fine, knowing that meant we could plan, and so we had a late breakfast, and it was a full English.  We'd no sooner arrived at our destination than most of the family were off to a care home,  well we knew that was going to happen.  We kept ourselves amused,  cups of tea, mince pies, not too many as we still had dinner to enjoy.   So, hours passed, finally the rest of the family arrived,  more talking, no sign of food, mum and I are starving and fed up.   The chef, my BiL, finally started on dinner around 5pm,   two hours later we were all still wondering where our dinner was?    Cos BiL was faffing about, so wife and daughter got involved and sped things up, but it was not a meal to remember, no turkey either.   Then as the evening wore on, BiL became more intoxicated, he succeeded in winding up his daughter, so a huge row ensued... at which point I'd had enough of sitting in an uncomfortable chair all day and went to bed.   Boy was I glad to get out of there the next day.  Yes, bah humbug!   And I decided then that I'd had enough of 'doing my duty' and so stopped,  leaving the family somewhat baffled.   Hey ho. 

Now Harvey is desperate for his supper, so best go feed him...   hope your festivities went off without a hitch,  and that you are all safe and dry. 

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