Sunday, 6 December 2015

Will it ever stop raining?

I'm thinking of  buying a wet suit, and swapping the car for a boat.  Fortunately, while we've had a lot of rain, we've not had any flooding.  I feel so sorry for those in Cumbria, and just before Christmas, it must be heartbreaking.   The high winds did cause some damage here,  my trellis almost bit the dust,  it is broken but has been tied up for the time being until I can replace it,  luckily my lovely neighbour has offered to do the job when the weather improves.

I have been absent from my blog, all due to extreme tiredness.  I'm having to be very careful about how much I do, and ensure that I get plenty of rest.  It's affecting everything,  including my crafting!   The Railway Inn is finished, but I've yet to start on its stand.   I've put a pavement round the pub using the air dried clay,  but as you can see it is waiting to be painted. 

The piece of wood I'lll be using for the pub will take two properties.  So I'm wondering whether to put the Cottage Stores with the pub?   I can't make up my mind,   I'm also waiting on a new kit,  a terrace of two houses, which I also think would go on this stand with the pub - decisions, decisions!   There's no rush, so I think it best to wait until I've constructed the terrace and see what it all looks like.

I've also cancelled my CnC membership.   I'm afraid I was fed up of the same old stuff and shows,  if I'd seen one more tattered lace die I think I would have screamed.  Don't get me wrong, they are lovely dies,  I've got some, but they seem to be the only dies shown on CnC.  Not that I watch that often these days,  because there is nothing I want to watch.  After I cancelled the membership I got a phone call the next day,  I think from India, asking why I'd cancelled.  It was a most irritating phone call, at first I thought it was a sales call,  whoever I was talking to had a very thick Indian accent, it was hard to understand him, and nor did I wish to engage in small talk,  I also objected to CnC calling me after I'd cancelled. 

Harvey has been using my Kindle Fire,  no I'm not kidding!   I downloaded one of those games for cats,  I didn't hold out much hope of him watching it... however, to my total surprise he was hooked!    It kept him amused for well over an hour,  in fact he would have carried on watching it only I wanted to use my Kindle, he got pretty upset when I picked it up off the floor.    He was so funny, I must try to film him,  he was captivated by the mouse, kept trying to figure out where it had gone when it went off the screen.  

I've also been making cards... quite a shock to the system.  I'm using a card kit to make some Chrismtas cards,  but also using some of my own stash to titivate them.   I also had to find 7 stars...  now you'd think that at this time of year that would be easy - yes: wrong!   It has been anything but easy.  I searched Hobbycraft but they didn't have any stars, or ones that were big enough, or affordable.   Ideally I wanted some clear plastic, or glass stars,  but quickly gave up on that idea.  Yesterday I went to my old craft shop, and after a good search managed to find some stars, sadly haven't got seven that are all the same, managed to get five, and then had to buy two different stars.   So far I've decorated one and a half stars...   and made 5 cards.   I even dragged out the grand calibur!    I'm wondering how I used to make so many Christmas cards!    Although I have to admit that batch making cards used to drive me nuts,  I didn't mind making very personalised Xmas cards, but stopped making the regular ones a few years ago.   My hat goes off to those who do hand make their Christmas cards.

That's all from me,  need to have a rest now.   I hope to be blogging later in the week.   Take care,  and stay dry.

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