Sunday, 20 December 2015

Dashing through the snow...

Here's my Xmas tree,  huge isn't it?   NOT!   But it is still alive, and I hope to be able to plant it outside.   No lights, or baubles,  got nothing that small.  There is some glitter on it,  and if I had gone for the next size then I could have had a few lights.  Might do that next year.   You can just spot the Yuletide Shoppe beside it.  Next year I will be able to add Winterberry Hall!

Why this tree?  Well because of this tiredness I just didn't feel up to putting up a lot of decorations.  So it is the tree, my cards, candle bridge,  advent candle and a few bits that never got put away last year.   And you know what, I actually like the minimalist look.    Plus there are plenty of lights in the street to look at, one house has gone a bit bonkers,  they've even put a Christmas tree outside, and have lots and lots of lights. 

So from trees to bricks.  I completed both front bits of Railway Terrace.   Lots of weathering went on,  think it was bundled twigs wot got used, plus another dark brown.   I stripped off the rendering from the front,  I'd changed my mind on how it should look.  

Here's how it will sort of look when it is finished.  I managed to get the rear part of the roof stuck on.   And you may just be able to make out the pebbledashing.   I think if I were to do it again I'd changed which bits were the brick work,  in fact I may invest in a few more brick templates.  Once I'd got the knack of using the template, or mask,  it was easy, even doing the repeat pattern wasn't too horrendous.   I also remembered that when I'd used masks and molding paste in the past I had worked in - the kitchen.  Makes more sense as the mask has to go straight into water, so it saves having water on the craft desk, and risking knocking the bowl over. 

Just one last pic, an angled view. So there is the roof to be tiled, pebbledashing finished, front doors stuck on,  pavement glued and dressed... so not a lot to do really!?  

It's been a quiet day.   Poor Harvey was confined to base until this morning, when it had finally stopped raining.   It threw it down all bloody night,  poor Harvey was desperate to get out,  I did try telling him that it was teeming, but he had to go have a look for himself,  harmless you may think, and possibly so - but NOT at 3 a.m.!   Okay so I was awake, and had made myself a cuppa, but that didn't mean that I wished to schlep all the way downstairs just to prove to Harvey that it was raining.   And finally he used his tray, not sure how many hours he'd been crossing his legs...   but he did look very relieved.  He went out at 6 a.m.,  my second wake up,  or if you like: when I gave up tossing and turning.   I didn't get up, nooooo,   just made some tea and toast,  let Harvey have his morning walk, then once he was back in we both carried on snoozing for a few more hours.

But not done much,  aside from load the washing machine,  hobble over to shop for milk,  and marvel at the blue sky and sunshine!  Yes, sunshine!!!!!!!!!!!!     I wondered whether to take a picture just in case I don't see it again for another couple of months.   Feeling a little less tired, but that is because I've been resting for the last few days.

Got to go cos I'm now on skype.  Take care all

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