Thursday, 17 December 2015

Seeing Stars

It has, sadly, taken me till today to get over last week.   I'm so sick of feeling tired,  yesterday I barely did anything and yet I was in bed by 8.30pm.  

What has cheered me up is receiving these gorgeous swap stars from my friends in the craft group I belong to.  They're a little too big for the tree, but fit perfectly on the candle bridge.  Harvey was curious and had to sniff them all, guess he was hoping one may have contained catnip.

I've been making slow progress on Railway Terrace.  Today I managed get the render on the back and sides.   Then there is the roof, a big roof!   It's funny how it all seems to go slowly, then all of a sudden it just comes together and you're on the home stretch.

This is one set of windows and a door, all glazed and ready to be fitted.  I got some more tester pots of paint,  best way to buy the paint for the houses.    I'm still debating whether to use some of the glass paint on the small panes in the windows.   

And here is Harvey, busy on the kindle.  He's watching his cat game!   If I dare to use my own kindle he tries to take over.   His favourite toy is the laser pointer and chasing the red light.  It's keeping me amused, and isn't as tiring as any of his other toys which all require me to pull them across the floor while he watches. 

I finally managed to get my cards in the post,  then when I got home I remembered that I'd forgotten two people.  To my surprise the Post Office still had Christmas stamps,  usually by this time they've run out.   My Christmas shopping, such as it is, is all done.    There has been a few bits of bad news, a friend was diagnosed with breast cancer,  life does suck at times.    This friend is a really good person,  she doesn't deserve it,  not that anyone ever does, and a neighbour was rushed to hospital this morning.   There will be a few prayers to say tonight.

Well the energy levels are starting to dip.   I'll be back over the weekend with an update on the house. 

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