Saturday, 19 December 2015

Just another brick in the wall...

My mini brick template arrived - yippee!  I put the penny in the pic just to give you an idea of how tiny the bricks are.    What was most amusing was the size of the envelope this small template came in - A4!    But I was happy to see it,  it meant that I could make progress on Railway Terrace at last.

The first job was to paint the frontage of the terrace, grey to mimic the mortar.   Then came the nervous bit - applying the molding paste.  I practised first,  and wasn't too bad, so then I went for it.   Yep, there are some smudges here and there, but I actually don't mind as this is supposed to be 'weathered',  so a few lumps and bits missing don't matter.   Then I just had to wait for this section to dry before I could complete it.

I did the other front, and the chimney breast from Winterberry Hall.  Then I had a cuppa and watched the rain come down... in buckets! 

Finally I could do the other section, and once that was dry I could begin the painting, or weathering.   This is a coat of terracotta,  tomorrow I'll add some darker colours, do some smudging,  bit of sandpapering.    I am chuffed as to how it has turned out, and that this is my very first attempt at this. Now I just have to complete all the other brick work on both houses.

The craft space is rather, er, untidy,  or shall we say - littered with bits of Winterberry Hall.  Plus paint,  more tester pots,  one I have to say was a rip off as the little pot was only half full.  But it was the only dark brown I could find.   Amazingly the DIY shop was quite full, one funny scene that I spotted: two chaps trying to load a pink wendy house into van...  small van, unsurprisingly the wendy house didn't fit!  Plonkers... why not just get B&Q to deliver?

One last pic, the floor boards,  they're self stick, and just about ready to be stuck down.   I got a lot of the painting done today, with it being so bloody miserable weatherwise.  I am sick to death of the rain, that is all we seem to have had in this neck of the woods.   I'd rather it be cold and frosty but dry,  anything but this bloody wet stuff.

The supermarket was full of dazed looking folk,  all with full trollies,  and all because the shops will be shut for... one day.   I think they should be shut on Boxing Day,  the shop staff deserve a proper break.    It will get crazier next week,  with people buying enough food to last them weeks.  Then will come the idiots who haven't managed to buy any presents and who suddenly realise that it is Christmas.   Just work in any large store and you will testify that this is true,  it is incredible how many people don't buy any presents until the very last minute - and worse do so when they are drunk. 

I'm all done, cards posted, just have to hand out some to my neighbours.  My last bits of shopping will be milk, bread and food for Harvey.  Who is also disgusted with this wet stuff,  he can't go out to do his ablutions,  which he prefers to using his tray.    He had some of my chicken chow mein, well the chicken bit, tonight.  He wasn't too sure at first, then he got tucked in.  He'll be getting either some chicken or turkey on Xmas day depending on what I choose to cook.

So I'm off to watch the final bit of SCD.   Thanks for stopping by :-)

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