Sunday, 13 December 2015

Turkey, tinsel and a Full English...

A bit of a gap between posts, all due to a friend spending a few days with me.   We enjoyed a lovely Christmas lunch in Chester last Thursday.  My energy levels were very low, so we didn't really do much, other than have a good old catch up.  

So due to having a guest there wasn't a lot of building going on.   Winterberry Hall arrived on Friday morning,  7.30 a.m to be precise, delivered by a very apologetic postie.   However as my friend was still with me, I couldn't even have a look inside the package!  

I am keeping things festive on this post - here is the Christmas Shop.  It is now a part of my Xmas decorations, such as they are.  I shall take a picture of my Christmas tree, I got a real one this year! 

Yesterday I finally got to inspect the components of Winterberry Hall, and there are an awful lot of bits and bobs!  I did my usual check list,  like to do that to make sure all the vital bits are present and correct.  Then I put it all back in the plastic bags,  I was far too tired to start building.  Instead I finished off the few Christmas cards I'm making, plus the stars, so they are just about ready to go.  I seem to be way behind on everything festive,  not having any energy isn't helping.  I've been taking iron supplements but they've had no effect.

And of course the Post Office, a place that we are all visiting at this time of year.   And where I'll be heading to on Tuesday to post all my cards. 

Last Friday I enjoyed a Full English, and oh boy was it delicious!   My friend and I were planning a light lunch,  then we spotted that the cafe we'd popped into for a quick cuppa were doing all day breakfasts - we couldn't resist!   It just about kept me going for a while,  it was the bitingly cold wind that got to me in the end and so we headed back home.   At least we had two dryish days,  sadly on Saturday the heavens opened again,  my heart goes out to those trying to clear up after the floods, it seems no sooner have they mopped up than they are flooded yet again.   Let's hope they have some relief soon.

I'd like some relief from this tiredness,  although I now have a energy saving way to keep Harve entertained.   My friend bought him a laser pointer,   so I can sit and just point the thing for him to chase, and he loves it!   He also loves my Kindle, he now insists on playing his 'games', plus he also likes watching other cats on Youtube - I kid you not!  My friend will testify that she and I watched Harvey watching Youtube videos of cats doing silly things, he was fascinated.  I'm hardly getting a look in on my Kindle, if I start using it then Harvey comes up and insists on taking over. 

Well I'm off to rest now,  I should be back tomorrow with a report on the latest building project!

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