Wednesday, 30 December 2015

The end is, sort of, in sight!

Progress has been slow on this project,  there just seems to have been an awful lot to do.   The house has a full timber frame,  so that meant a lot of painting.   Today I managed to get the last of the timber frame on,  and start work on the roof.   I first had to sort out the small roof over the window.   Luckily I had a few of the small shingles left over, just enough to cover the small roof,  with a bit of clever piecing!   They had a coat of terracotta,  then some walnut and finally a smudge or three of black soot - TH distress ink.  I also dabbed some on the house before adding the frame,  and the camera has managed to blend in the distressing.  

This is the left side, with the double window.  This was the easiest to fit as there was plenty to support it.  It did get fiddly with the timber frame.  I'd used some molding paste round the joins so the fit was a bit too snug, so a little sanding was required.  

Now we're round the back of the house.  I mixed some filler and applied it all round the chimney.  I needed to cover the joins,  and also to give it a bit of a rough look.   I was also mindful that those timber frames had to slot into place,  but they fitted perfectly.   It was the same with the windows,  it was vital that I didn't get too much paint on the inside of the holes,  and that the two pieces were aligned, otherwise the window wasn't going to fit.  

A bit of the front and the side, plus that roof.  It is card and it has to be shaped, so to speak,  then the tiles have to go on.   I may need an extra pair of hands... 

I got my blood test results today,  not good as I have more tablets to take, and have to see the GP next week.   But at least I may at last have an answer to the reason for the extreme tiredness.   I've got  little better at pacing myself,  trying not to do too much in one go so I don't feel as tired, and have a little energy for other things. 

There's been a bit of a drama with my neighbour.  On Christmas eve his GP sent him to the hospital,  so I wasn't sure if they'd keep him in or not.  Luckily he came home later in the evening.  But on Boxing Day he had to call the ambulance,  I told him off as the first thing I knew about it was when I saw the ambulance parked outside.  I've told him to let me know if he doesn't feel well, but he says he doesn't like bothering me!   Men!    So he's now in hospital,  and it looks like he'll be there until next week.   At least that stops me worrying about him.   Then I learned that the daughter of a lady I used to clean for, had died.  I was so shocked,   I've kind of been in my own bubble this year,  plus I don't get the local paper so I didn't see the obituary.   Life truly sucks at times.  A few years ago it was my cousin who was rushed to hospital with double pneumonia,  sadly he died a month later.   Death at this time of year has an added poignancy.    My own father died shortly after New Year in 1987. 

And it is raining - again!   Will it ever stop?   Over the weekend I had to keep the lights on it was so bloody gloomy.   The rain has been relentless, and our canal is creeping ever higher.  There was some flooding in another part of the borough, but nothing like as bad as it has been in Cumbria and York, etc.   I noticed that the Prime Minister didn't bother talking to local residents - I wonder why?   And how he has the nerve to say that they've not cut funding - did you see his nose growing by the minute? 

Oh well, one day left of 2015,  will the new year bring anything different?   I guess we can only hope.   That's all from me for tonight,  I will pop back tomorrow for a final post.

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