Saturday, 1 October 2011

It's all too much...

This heat!   It has been so oppressive.  Today we had a cool breeze coming off the sea, it was most welcome.  The worst part I think has been the hot, muggy nights,  it simply hasn't cooled down at night all week, just been getting hotter and hotter.   We're lucky to be in the upstairs flat so we can afford to leave the windows open, tho they are still locked.  I pity my downstairs neighbours who simply daren't leave any window open at night. 

I did mull over what to do today,  then realised that the last week I have been out and about pretty much every day, so it was time for a rest.   So after a short sojourn to the corner shop for paper, milk and pay paper bill it was straight back home,  made a cup of coffee then settled down to watch Barbara Gray, I so admire her work.  I was watching her 3rd lesson on CnC,  not sure I would want to do it alongside watching.    After lunch I thought I'd give it a go with the brayer,  Barbara does make it look easy, which she admits, but it is a lot harder.  But just couldn't get the brayering right no matter what I tried.  I was starting to feel frustrated, so stopped, got out the blender tool and....  created the above picture.  So who needs a brayer?   I tore the sheet of paper as she did,  then applied the ink but using the blender,  a blue denim distress ink pad,  didn't have her split tree, so used another tree stamp,  just as effective, and added a few shadows.  Rather pleased with it.   This was the second version,  managed to muck up the stamping, only slightly but couldn't disguise the mistake!  

Supposed to be cooler tomorrow,  I hope so,  then maybe I can stop looking like a damp rag. 

Enjoy folks...  the weekend that is.

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