Tuesday, 5 June 2012

And that was that!

The marathon that was the Jubilee has come to an end... phew.

Meanwhile back at the craft table I opted to do some wax pictures,  just felt like having a messy time.   I also used some stamps,  had to go back to the video to remind myself what to do!   For this pic I used blue and purple,  the effect is created by just dragging the iron in one direction,  then just lightly applying it and pulling it away to get the effect lower down.  The lovely thing with this art is that you never know what you are going to get, each picture is a surprise - and there are no mistakes!  If you don't like it you just keep working the wax till you do. 

So once I had finished my wax pictures I returned to Craft Artist Pro,  I am really having some fun with the program.  As I was uploading some backgrounds I realised I could use the wax pictures so I took this pic and uploaded it to CAP,   and then....

Made this!   I used one of the fantasy digi kits.  I stretched the wax photo and turned it into a background, then tried various embellishments till I was happy.  I love these ink blotty fairies,  they work so well with the wax picture.   I added a couple of butterflies as well.   This took about ten minutes.   I've got loads more waxy pictures so I am going to have a lot of fun!

And it looks like I will get a holiday this year!  A friend has said we can use her caravan to get away somewhere!  It won't be for a few weeks yet but it has boosted my mood. 
It would help if I knew when I was going to have my operation, but thanks to Cameron and his bunch of idiots the NHS is going backwards. 

Well back to normality tomorrow! 

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