Friday, 1 June 2012

It's the Weekend!

Way hay!    Yep the sun is shining,  it is warm and the Olympic torch has made its way through our town, and city, even took a trip on a ferry!  And how did I spend this momentous day?   A supermarket shop!  

And then I played with Craft Artist Pro.   I realised, yes the penny does take a while to drop, that I could make some banners for my blogs!   So having downloaded the free stuff, I ended up purchasing a few more digi kits.  A bit of browsing and I discovered the official Jubilee site, with official photos.  So more playing,  well it is the only way to learn as far as I am concerned.   As you can see I am getting the hang of things now,  thanks to a bit of telly watching,  tuned in to CnC this morning for the Serif program,  and learned a few bits and bobs.  Stuff I was missing mostly,  it was a case of paying attention to the computer screen! 

I had a bit of fun with this layout,  not exactly my best work, but not bad for a first attempt.   I am more chuffed with the two banners I made for the blogs,  I'll continue to mess around with the program till I get what I want.

So I was crafting, but digi crafting.  Now I'm on the look out for photos of the Olympic torch in our town,  got a few,  but would like one of it on the Ferry, that would be memorable.  I did have a thought about making the effort to go down to the beach to see it, but in my present poor physical state it really wasn't an option.   I can't clamber over sand dunes or rocks any more, not like I did a few years ago for the Tall Ships.  I wish I could.  Still not feeling amused at the thought of further surgery!  

And the Jubilee!   Well good luck to them, but I also look back on the mean spirited lot who were in government in 1977, the other jubilee,  and I was in the army.  We all wondered if we'd get a jubilee medal, but some tight wad decided that they'd ration the medals to one per camp! Charming.  Alls I remember is that it was a Regimental weekend, meaning all leave was cancelled, and a lot of marching and ferrying about of officer types.

Enjoy the weekend folks,  whatever the weather chucks at us!

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Julia S-W said...

Oh I love that blog banner!!!! Really want to update mine but don't have a clue how to do it. I tried to upload a picture of my own work but Blogger told me the file was too big and wouldn't do it - very irritating.
Hope you have a lovely weekend and you get some time to do the stuff that you want to do!!