Saturday, 2 June 2012

Give me....

Strength!   I'll come ome back to that topic.

Meantime a spot of crafting, very unfulfilling crafting.  Guess I wasn't in the mood and it showed!   Was going to make a new page for my AB book,  here is the not so great result,  even worse I'd got it the wrong way round!   I knew it wasn't going to go well when the blue dragon fly fell apart,  guess I should have called it quits then.  But no, decided to plough on, with regret as nothing was working,  the idea was there, but the creativity had got up and flown off.   I was annoyed as the stamping was just right, and I used a rockabloc, which can be a bit hit and miss, well it is with me.
So if at first you don't succeed, plod on. Second version, not sure I am any happier with this, and, by the way it is still the wrong way round!  Made changes,  at least I remembered to get rid of the rogue bit of card,  embossed the script,  only used one dragon fly...   but still not happy with it.  will have to revisit the page tomorrow, when hopefull I'll be in a better mood. 
I was in a bad mood cos of my dear mum, she had been very trying all morning!  I was in a happyish mood when I awoke,  I'd had a good nights sleep,  weather was a bit iffy.   But mum did her usual thing of just remaining inert...  now you wonder why should that bother me?   Well because she has an infection,  it is a long term infection and it needs to be dressed every couple of days.   So until mum chooses to go get washed and dressed I can't leave the house!  Very bloody annoying.  If I ask her to get a move on then I get my head bitten off,  obviously I am supposed to be without feelings.   I have the tricky task of suggesting she attend a day centre - wish me luck.   I know she will enjoy it, she will have company, folk of her own age and it will get her out of the flat.  It will also allow me time to myself to get on with things.   The government sees fit to pay me nearly £55 per week for being a carer, that is 24/7, the minimum wage is £6.08 per hour...   need I say more?    My mother's daily wish, well she wishes it several times a day actually is to 'die'.   That is what I hear on a regular basis, my own mother wishing to be dead!  She says this in a loud enough voice for me to hear,  if I respond she starts arguing,  I have no energy for that,  if I point out she is being utterly selfish she takes umbrage and it is still my fault.  Mean while my sister suns herself in Portugal and my brother has his head in the sand.  Great huh!  Any wonder I was not in a crafting state of mind?   

I wasn't even able to watch Barbara Gray in peace,  mum was still in situ and making barbed comments... 

Then this irony occurred to me.  Explain how there are two pensioners in the UK, who are provided with several substantial residences,  with staff on hand to cater for all their needs,  they get free travel for the UK and around the world,  they are already well off, own plenty of property/land yet the state gives them a very generous payment.   Other pensioners must apply for extra benefits, negotiating the complex system,  free travel has been curtailed and only applied to England,  they must pay for any care they receive,   and worry about the time when they are no longer able to be independent. Mmmm,  something is wrong with this picture.    Yes, Cheers Liz, didn't you get lucky? 

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