Wednesday, 27 June 2012

New Balls please!

Yes!  The tennis has started.   I managed a nice walk on Monday,  to High street to tax car and pay bills (ugh!),  but came back through the park.  The sun had burnt through the clouds by then and it was a lovely day. 

Yesterday it was a bit grim,  grey skies, again!  Will summer ever arrive?   Only one shower though and a nice afternoon.  More tennis and first match for Murray,  he did a nice job and got through first round without any hassles, just needs to keep doing that.

I've been doing lots of prep work for the upcoming MBS fair on Saturday.  Today was printing day,  Still need to get one of the encaustic posters blown up to A3, but still not sure which one - too much choice.   I made another today,  used one of the underwater digi kits to make this poster,  just changed the colours of the dolphins and sea horse.   I also know the organiser of the fair so we discussed which table would be best,  I chose the one that had the wall, that way we can display the posters.  Must remember the blue tack! 

I was hoping to get something to wear today,  but tried 3 different tops in M&S and didn't like any of them.  Was tempted to go to craft shop, but went to see a friend instead,  and then back home for more tennis, and printing.   Guess I should get back to the leaflet I am supposed to be producing!

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Julia S-W said...

Really love the way you've incorporated these images with your wax stuff. Not my usual style but these cute little things work well against the backdrop - quite a fantasy world really!
Good luck with your thing on Saturday.