Saturday, 23 June 2012

Wild days

Yesterday was a total washout.   I woke up at around 5 a.m., to hear the rain lashing down, I feared for my garden!   In the end I took a peek outside, the new plant seemed to be holding its own, but the St John's Wort, just in flower was taking a battering.   And then it just went on and on and on and on and on, all day.   I braved the weather to do the supermarket shop,  it was yuck. I had my fully waterproof jacket on,  sadly no waterproof trousers.  

It was a day not even fit for ducks,  I am sure they were also taking shelter.  Felt so sorry for those who got flooded,  such a heartbreaking thing to happen.  And we'd had plenty of warning, so why were our councils caught out?   Forward planning isn't rocket science,  just plain common sense. 

So with a day fit to go nowhere it was back to Craft Artist Pro, and some more experimenting with the cutout facility,  as you can see I managed to cut out an owl in flight - I love owls.   Was chuffed with this photo/pic.  Also did a spot of crafting, but not yet taken a pic, the final page of my AB book,  and in spite of me marking the page so it would be the right way round, I still managed to get it wrong!  But then I thought that it would suit the book to have the final page facing the wrong way, it would sum everything up.    So just need to take the photo and add show it tomorrow. 

Popped up to a craft shop, well that is what it says it is.   Not a lot of paper craft stuff on offer,   I did managed to get some gorgeous sparkly material for the stall next week.  And picked up some lovely 'pearl' gems,  and a few butterflies, but aside from that there was nothing to tempt me.  It is a well visited shop yet the paper craft side of things is being allowed to slip.   Any wonder most crafters end up shopping on line?   

Nearly time to hit the hay,  it has been a good day, got lots done for the stall next week, display shelving sorted,  material sorted...  now need to finish off the display cards and posters!   And it is Wimbers on Monday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That is Wimbledon to the uninitiated, tennis...  two glorious weeks of sheer indulgence. 

And England tomorrow...  will the nerves stand it? 

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Julia S-W said...

Just watching England (er, sort of anyway!) and saw your latest post. That is by far your best piece of encaustic art yet - combining it with the owl digital image thingy is inspired. I love the backdrop which only serves to make the owl stand out even more.
Sorry I haven't blogged here for a while - seem to get caught up doing other things and then lose track.
Glad your garden survived as I get quite upset when stuff happens to mine so I fully understand!
Have a good week,