Saturday, 9 June 2012

Okay who kidnapped our summer?

This isn't funny any more - this gloomy and cold weather, feels more like January than June!  Stupid forecasters said we'd have a better day - really? Can't say I noticed any difference.  Just the same old slate grey sky,  high winds and bloody rain!

So not a lot to do but play.  So out came the wax and the iron,  made a few pictures,  then moved over to Craft Artist.  Downloaded some 'on offer' digikits and started to enjoy myself.  Wanted to create some quirky pictures,  a digi kit that included lots of silhouettes,   skylines, birds on branches and wires etc all came in useful to create this picture.  Which actually began looking like this.  I accidentally changed the colour, but then loved the effect.  I also used this lovely lacy bird from another digi kit.

I also made this picture,  chose a monochrome wax picture,  then used the fantasy digi kit to add all the other bits.  I love the eraser which allows you to make things 'fit', everything is so easy,  which makes you wonder why so many photo editing programs have to be so damned complicated.

Then, at the suggestion of a friend, I printed both pictures out, and wow,  they looked even better than on the screen.  The monochrome especially looked so glossy and rich.    I made a few more wax pictures,  so have lots to play with tomorrow.

It's still grim outside,  some comentator on telly was moaning about being too hot, well try being  here pal!  Feel so sorry for those who have been on holiday.   I think I've lost all enthusiasm for the Olympics,  the Olympic torch relay has just been a money making scheme,  I thought the idea was that local heroes would carry the torch, now it seems if you have enough cash you can 'buy' a chance to carry it.  It would also have been more meaningful had it just been one torch passed from person to person, as it is they just light the torch via a gas canister, so much for the 'Olympic' bit!

Also have some tennis to look forward to tomorrow,  the French Open final, should be good - far better than the women's final which was a bit of a damp squib.

Thanks for stopping by...  stay safe and warm

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Julia S-W said...

Amazing effects with your 'digi' kit there! Really love the lacy bird.