Sunday, 24 June 2012

Nail biting...

Well if I was into nail biting it would be.  I know not many will be concerned with the footie, but hey, it is our team! 

After a gloomy start to the day the sun finally made an appearance early afternoon.   I woke up this morning fancying a lie in,  thought I'd make some tea and toast, then saw the time... I'd already had my lie in!   Oh well.   Mum has been having a lie in,  and as daft as this sounds it is nice to sort of have the place to myself.  I think this is only something a carer can understand.   I can get out and about, but what I like most is just having the flat to myself.  When I said this to another carer they knew exactly what I meant.   When mum did get up I had to chivvy her along to get dressed,  she has an ongoing wound problem, and I have to dress it every couple of days,  but I can't do that until she is ready!   Today it was getting close to bacon butty time,  and I didn't want to have to go change the dressing mid bacon butty.  After that it was time to tackle the crossword,  read the short story and then get to my room to do some crafting.  Nothing very interesting, just tags for the stall this week.  At least I did manage to design a holder for the tags!  

Then it was back to Craft Artist pro,  more use of the cutout facility.  It was also featured on CnC, so I learned a bit more about it.  I grabbed some pictures of birds of prey, eagles and kestrels,  and put them together with some encaustic landscapes.   Kind of gives a very dramatic effect, think maybe I need a little field mouse in the picture.

Good news, I've lost some weight!   Got my thumb ring back on,  I'd taken it off when I was playing the djembe,  but not put it back on, which was silly.  Just been cutting out a few extras,  not on a diet as such,  in fact I don't believe in diets.  You need to develop a diet for life,  but I'd been overdoing things and with being unable to get the exercise as I used to the weight has gone on   Now, happily it is coming back off  :-))    Nor can I afford a new wardrobe!

Best get back to the nail biting, just distracting myself.  Tennis tommorrow.  

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