Thursday, 23 May 2013

What a week...

I'm so glad this week is nearly over,  it is one I wouldn't wish to repeat.  My first mistake was in trying to decorate my bedroom,  it went okay in the end, but I'm now paying the price for pushing myself too far.  My poor body is aching all over,  the arthritis is getting worse,  there doesn't seem to be a part of me that isn't aching.  I couldn't manage the roller, so had to find a lighter one, then it was very slow going.  On Sunday my router decided to die,  it is well over 10 years old.  It took four phone calls to my provider before they would agree to sending me a new router,  after being given largely useless advice.  Despite being a highly profitable company they don't do next day delivery, oh no,  so it took 3 days to send me a box from Manchester!   It arrived today,  well obviously it did as I'm here,  the set up was easy, just plugged it in and I was back on line.  Had I missed the internet, yes and no,  but then there is some stuff that you now have to do on line.
With the bedroom done, and now looking very smart,  I turned my attention back to some crafting.  Well once I'd sorted out the new storage for the crafting.  The frame was a bit of an accident.  I wanted a dark blue frame,  but only had dark blue in some acrylic paints, and for some reason couldn't get an even finish.  So I intended to sand it all back... and ended up with this lovely result.   I was delighted, it suits my new room perfectly,  just added the flourish,  and the picture. 

After all the bad news I did get some nice news, that I became a great aunty for the 3rd time on Monday to Polly.  I must admit the name was a bit of a shock, very unusual these days, but has grown on me.   Also saw my GP, well the locum, and so I have to have an xray on what had been my good knee, looks like another knee replacement could be on the cards.   I think I also need new wrists, a spine,  and shoulders, then I'd be okay.

I watched the awful news first on the tornado,  I am amazed at the resilience of the Oklahomans,  they've lost everything but have the resolve to get up and start over.  The sweetest image was seeing the old lady reunited with her dog.  Then of course yesterday there was the horrific and senseless murder of the young soldier by two warped individuals.   Of course news like this puts things into perspective,  I've had a horrible week, but I do have a roof over my head, and my family are safe.

More crafting tomorrow, need to make Polly her welcome gift.   Thanks for stopping by.


Elizabeth said...

Hi Cass, love your frame - it really did work out well and as soon as I saw it I thought it would be for your newly decorated room. I do all my banking online so I would really miss my internet connection, though I'd be tempted to make good use of the time doing even more crafting. Oh, and if there was such a thing as a spinal transplant, I'd be first in the queue :)) Hugs, Elizabeth xx

kokoclowie said...

Now if I had tried to do that to a wooden frame, it would have ended up a piece of junk! You have magic fingers Cass, love the swirls on the frame as well.

I too do loads online these days and hate to admit it, but would miss it if I was offline for a while. Glad you're back up and running

Karen xxx