Friday, 31 May 2013

Up and down

It's been an up and down week craft wise.  Yesterday was a disaster,  for some reason I persisted with a piece even though I knew it would be best to start again. 

Today was a different matter,  it all went smoothly!  I put this piece together,   though it isn't stuck down yet,  as I was a tad distracted by the tennis.

Yep it is that time of year again,  French Open and then Wimbledon!   But good to see that ITV has extended its coverage of the French,  it was on the main channel as well as ITV 4 on Sunday, most impressed.   It is though a distraction from everything else, including the crafting.

This is a close up of the background.  I've had this mask (and a few others) for a while now and haven't done much with them.  Was watching CnC (spellbinders show) and was reminded that you can use masks for embossing.   And that is why I do dip into CnC as you do get a lot of useful tips.

This is my, sorry, one of my new dies, Floral Border, and it is repeatable.  I got this along with two sets of nestabilities, and two packs of small labels,  with quadruple discount.  It cuts beautifully and is so detailed.  Just right for what I wanted. 

I also picked up more bargains from B&M, they still had the hearts, so got more of those, and more frames.  Well I need lots to keep me occupied as the 'good' knee has almost conked out.  It has been so painful today I've only managed to hobble round the flat.   Tomorrow of course it is Barbara Gray on CnC,  so the plan is to be up early and get some shopping, important stuff like milk!   And get back here for 11 so I can sit and watch Ms Gray create her magic.  And best of all it looks like a sunny weekend, just wish the temperature would go up a few notches, and I have tempted fate by getting out the summer wardrobe...

Well wherever you are enjoy the weekend, happy crafting

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