Wednesday, 8 May 2013

What a day

What a day!   I was up early, so what's new?   But I needed to be at the CAB before they opened in order to ensure I got to see an advisor.  I was there before 9 a.m.,  just 6 people in front of me, but at 9.15 the manager appeared to say that she couldn't guarantee that I and all those behind me would get to see an advisor as they were short staffed, she was trying to contact some volunteers.  I stuck it out and luckily two more advisors came in. After two hours I finally got to see someone, all I wanted was for the advisor to read my HB letter and tell me if they were paying me benefit or not (the letter would not win any awards for the Plain English lot), but she couldn't... she was obviously new, and I exercised some patience, what little I have.  She even agreed that the figures were wrong, but that I'd have to go to the One Stop shop, yes, but which one, Housing association or council?  All the time I was thinking back to my own stint at the CAB when I would have began making phone calls on behalf of the client!
I was tired, emotional and fed up. When it became obvious she wasn't going to provide help with the HB I asked about making a claim for ESA or DLA,  saying I wanted help with filling out the forms...  I got two booklets and told to ring the DWP!   I'm not sure who to be angry at, this ruddy government for cutting back on funding (tho they can find it for overseas aid) or the CAB.   I worked as an advisor for the CAB,  and I never told folk to ring the official help lines,  but rather I helped them fill in the forms. So I went off to the one stop shop, housing association,  and got no help there either, just more confusion and advised to go to One Stop Shop, the council, which I was warned already had a back log.   I was invited,  in a confused manner, to take part in a survey,  ushered into an office, confronted by an elderly gentleman, nice but profoundly deaf, he got my name wrong, my address...  could it get any worse?   I left and frankly couldn't face anymore,   I wanted to scream, cry and rant, all at the same time.   I couldn't face any more bureaucracy,   so I headed for the supermarket,  were I luckily bumped into a friend who gave me a much needed hug.  So tomorrow I start again, meaning I have to delay my weekend in Cardiff!

The other nice thing to happen was the delivery of my Clarity stamps.   I posted a close up (above),  then I had the idea of using them for one of the frames I'd made at the weekend.  After a practice with them, to get the stamps 'going',  I chose some cream linen card.  I stamped the main image, then used the leaves/branch stamp to make a border, but was left with the mini dilemma of how to incorporate the sentiment?    Masking of course!  I used a post it note to cover the main image, then very carefully split the sentiment into two bits, to help frame the main stamp,  was so glad it worked first time!   It is a lovely stamp, rather a lovely set of stamps, very crisp images.  I spent some time playing with them using copy paper, and I do like to get my stamps going, I feel they work better after they've had a few layers of ink on them before you begin the real work.  Just a bit of sticking left to do on this.  It really came together very quickly.

And finally... my Owl bag!  It had been delivered on Saturday when I was out, so I had to go to the sorting office yesterday to get it.  I am so delighted with it,  it is a nice big bag,  and I can get plenty of stuff in it.  Plus it is a very cheerful bag, well it makes me smile.

And that is my lot for tonight.  Now I need a cup of tea and my bed, have to be ready to do battle again tomorrow.

Sweet dreams all.

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Elizabeth said...

Oh dear, Cass, your day sounds like a nightmare. There's no doubt the forms are unbelievable complex ... I've been struggling with them, filling them in on behalf of my daughter and/or her husband for something like 40 years and they definitely haven't got any easier. But what really appalls me is the lack of actual help you were offered. So good that you met your friend - there's nothing like a hug to get you through. Love your framed piece - beautiful stamps and great colour choice. Hoping tomorrow is a much better day for you. Elizabeth xx