Thursday, 2 May 2013

A sad day

Today would have been my mum's 84th birthday.  I got up early, 5 a.m., and by 5.30 was heading for the beach to scatter her ashes.  It was a beautiful morning,  there was even some ice on the car.  I'd not checked the times for the tides,  but luck was on my side as the tide was going out.   I chose to scatter the ashes near to the Iron Man we'd dressed in her dressing gown.  I was listening to John Denver on my Ipod,  his music was apt, Sunshine on my Shoulders

It was a sad and emotional day,  which I chose to spend alone and away from the world.  Life goes on,  that is the natural order,  but I wasn't in the mood to see happiness.  

Goodnight mum.

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Elizabeth said...

Lovely photo of your mum, Cass. I'd say that you chose to pass this, the first of your mother's birthdays, on your own and in a good way - remembering her. (Incidentalyy, my mother's birthday is on 7th May, she would have been 86 then, so we will be going up to here memorial garden to give her flowers, just like I always did.) I hope today is a good day for you. Elizabeth xx