Sunday, 5 May 2013

Chill out time

I hope that you've all been enjoying this lovely weather,  very mild here and sunny.  I've not done much today,  other than the ironing, my least favourite domestic chore.

I did tune in to CnC to watch Barbara Gray, and was reminded of the Gelli plate.  So I got it out and had a play, this time I used a sponge brush to apply the paint, which gave a lovely texture.  I had armed myself with masks, stamps, a fork, and a potato masher, well anything that would make a pattern!  The effort is a bit crude, but I was just happy to get a result,  the fork was very useful, and even the masher did the job.  I'll keep practising!

I have however improved with the perfect pearls.  I made this today,  using black mirri card, a versamark stamp pad and copper P&P.   I doused the black mirri with the anti static bag, and was very happy when this chappy appeared, then I used a die to get the tag shape.  I think my work with the frames and having to be methodical has paid off,  I'm not rushing stuff,  I really took my time with this piece.  Of course the P&P was all over the calibur plates,  but I was ready with a baby wipe!   I'd already made the background using a time piece stamp,  I did some inking on the card, then added the flourishes.  It now just needs a few finishing touches and to be put together.

Yesterday was a really nice day,  I'd booked on to a Intuitive Art Workshop...  had no idea what it was about,  but knew it would be spent with friends.   I was late in spite of being up early,  I just couldn't get going, and then I almost backed out after I missed the turn off.  But I made it, and was welcomed with lots of hugs.  We were at a hospice, making use of their meeting rooms.  Just before lunch we took a walk down to the small lake and found this delightful scene,  it was bliss, rather like a Monet painting,  and I'd left my camera back in the room!   I could have kicked myself.  But the others were all taking pictures so I knew there'd be plenty posted on FB.   It was a really nice day,  I surprised myself with what I painted,  and found it so relaxing.  Even the drive home was relaxed,  which I didn't expect as it is usually one of the busiest roads in Liverpool.  Maybe the sunshine had just calmed everyone?   Usually after these workshops I'd had to leave promptly to get home to cook dinner, check on mum, but this time there was no rush, it did feel a bit odd, but also nice not to have to hurry away.

Today was a me day, tomorrow will be a busier day.    Hope you are all enjoying the Bank Holiday!  Make the most of this sunshine.   Thanks for stopping by.

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