Saturday, 4 May 2013

A better day

Yes it has been a much better day.  Aside from the obvious reasons I also managed a fairly decent nights sleep.  Petrol prices were down, so I took advantage, glad I did as when I left the supermarket there was a heck of a queue!

I got the frames finished today, a couple still need a coat of varnish.  After digging around the stamps I found this lovely swirl,  very aptly I used Coral Cloud cosmic embossing powder,  my mum's name was Coral!  It is a very rich colour.  I'm liking the cosmic shimmers,  they give a really glossy finish.  I decided to use one of the smaller Crafty Individual stamps for this one, I cut out the frame then used the embossing powder to make it ping, I had to touch up in places with the embossing pen.  Funny though as the camera has decided to change the background card to purple, when it is brown!

This frame was pretty simple, and it is for a friend.  Just a die cut, Crafty Individuals.  Embossed the card, and put on a silver butterfly. Just gave it a coat of varnish.

Inbetween times I fixed the music box.   We've had this music box for years, it was a present from my aunty to mum and it is from Singapore.  The hinge was broken, or rather the screws were missing,  so got some teeny tiny screws and sorted out the lid, then got the thing to play!   Then it was lunch,  and time to sort out the shopping.  Had to congratulate myself on several bargains, so the freezer is stocked up with chicken and mince.  Had to laugh at the 'meat free' fish fingers...  er!    It was bad enough reading that a firm had had to recall packets of nuts as they hadn't been labelled as containing nuts, though it said nuts on the packet!

I'd painted this frame yesterday, giving it some time between coats.   On Wednesday I'd rushed it and made a mess, that will teach me!   Again a rummage through the stamps proved useful, found this lovely large corner stamp.  I made a mistake,  on the bottom corner I didn't mean to stamp to the other edge, I inadvertently stamped were I didn't want to, thought about starting again, but then left it, came back and liked it, so hey ho, a happy accident.  Which of course us crafters love,  others would call them mistakes. 

I also managed to find some purple mirri card,which matched the Purple Twilight adirondiac ink pad, seemed to finish this piece off nicely.  This will be a birthday present for a friend, hope she likes it.

And to end - this happy chappy.  I do like these owl stamps,  they are so easy to use.   I did wonder about building a picture, but decided not to and to go with the tag. I stuck his wings down so they looked like he was 'all of a twitter'.  Lucky I had the right card to match the paint,   and I do like the gingham side which is on the reverse of the plain blue. So he completed a pleasant day.  As luck would have it he also fitted the bill for the challenge on Make My Monday which is to do with Anything that Flies.   Nice to take part in a challenge again.

Well it would have been pleasant had it not been for a silly letter about the HB,  stupid lot at the council have calculated my weekly income at £224,  I wish!   It is way, way under that,  I informed them of all my income, supplied all the documents and still they get it wrong!    They've stupidly added a pension that stops this month,  which they were told about, proof supplied,  and the carer's allowance which also ends this month.   I expected this to be a hassle from past experience when I worked as a CAB advisor.   Can't do anything till Tuesday of course.    It just makes my blood boil,  I watched the news and they said that the government were planning to buy at least 40 super douper fighter jets at a cost of 100 million a piece,  that does not include costs for maintenance.    Yep squeeze the poor, that is all this bloody lot can do,  it made my day to see UKIP do so well at the council elections and to have the smile wiped off Cameron's face, the man is clueless.  I'll get off the soap box now.

Enjoy the bank holiday weekend, and the lovey weather.


Cazro said...

Two of your cute cards could fit into our challenge, Anything With Wings, but you haven't given Make My Monday a mention, which is required to be considered for a prize. Thanks for adding your card to our challenge. Caz DT

Cass said...

Sorry, I meant to link it up at the time, I've now amended the post and included the link. Hope I can still enter

Mynnette said...

These are wonderful pieces of artwork! Thanks for fixing the link. :) Fabulous work! Thanks for joining us at MMM! :)

PS: I'm having a DT call at a new challenge called House of Cards and if you are interested, I'd LOVE for you to consider entering! :)

Fandhmum said...

What wonderful projects, thanks for joining in at Make My Monday this week,
Rosie x

Suzi B said...

Thank you for joining us at MMM with this fabulous project.
Suzi B xx