Tuesday, 28 May 2013

It's all in the Sentiment

I stumbled across the Clarity Stamp Challenge  and wondered what I could enter at such a late stage.   then I remembered the heart I'd decorated a couple of weeks ago using the lovely stamp set I'd been tempted to buy from CnC. 

I loved the sentiment that came with the stamps, as do all my friends, this has been a favourite.   My only problem was how to fit the sentiment on to the heart,  so with some masking I managed to split it.

The heart came from a pound shop,  a good place to shop for crafters!    I used a versamark watermark stamp,  and some cosmic shimmer Coral embossing powder.  I didn't think it needed anything else. 

Well except for a bit of decoration on the back.  Just two flourishes,   dabbed with the versamark and covered in the comsic shimmer powder, they almost look as if they've been enamelled.

I'm chuffed to have found the challenge blog, though it means buying more Clarity Stamps,  which won't exactly be a hardship.  And this weekend it will be in the classroom, can't think of  a better way to spend Saturday morning.

This has nothing to do with the challenge as it hasn't got a sentiment,  I just love the picture.  I've been experimenting a lot with frames lately,  just messing with different effects.  This was a happy accident,  the paint job on the frame was a disaster,  so I attempted to sandpaper it off and then realised I had somehow salvaged it. 

Got a few projects on the go, and trying to come up with an idea for a twinchie,  alls I know is that a twinchie is small....  can I do small?   We'll see. 

Not a bad day today,  achy bones,  not helped by the rainy and cold weather, keep looking at the calendar, it says May but if feels more like February! 

Thanks for stopping by, stay dry and warm.


Naomi said...

The heart is wonderful, can't believe it was a pound shop find. Love what you have done with it. Thanks for entering the challenge and best of luck.

Karen Clare said...

This is lovely and I like the colour you've chosen, good luk with the challenge x