Saturday, 11 May 2013

Before and after

I've had a nice time altering things, and a not so nice time travelling...  more on my travel nightmare later.  I spotted this heart in B&M,  costing a whole £1!  It was too good a bargain to resist.  I gave it a coat of cream paint, then just stamped using my new Clarity stamp set and the cosmic shimmer powders, and I've already had a few people wanting to buy it!   I masked the main image so I could split the sentiment. 

 Next was the fruit bowl,  I'd already given it a coat of gesso.  This morning I was watching CnC and caugth the decopatch segment.  So whilst at Hobbycraft I picked up some papers, 3 for 2, and the glue.  Got a few other goodies,  two owl dies, birds, and some lovely coloured card. 

I fancied decopatching the bowl,  Haley did make it look easy, and it is.  My pieces were on the large side to start with, so I tore them in half,  it is very gungy crafting,  and sticky.  But also very satisfying as it comes together pretty quickly.

This was the finished result, well almost finished, still had the outside to do.  It did look a bit yucky but once the glue had dried it was fine.  I seem to remember that you could use watered down PVA to do this,  it is rather like original decoupage.  I've got a box that needs covering, and a wooden box as well that is an awful shade of green...   they did have quite a good selection in Hobbycraft, along with all the models, including a rather large giraffe, hate to think how much paper you'd need to cover it. 

And last but not least...

This mirror, another bargain from B&M, £2.99. I thought this would make a nice addition to my niece's newly decorated guest room, which she has painted blue.   So I did the same to the mirror, using emulsion.  Just gave it a couple of coats.  I deliberated whether to wait for my CnC stash to arrive, I got some of the paints and mediums from Sheena's show, I've been after both for a while now.  But then decided to just keep it simple,  choosing some stamps and using the two dove dies. 

The dies are from the Tattered Lace range, the tail feathers are also cut so that you can fan them out,  which is a nice touch.  They cut first time, which is always a sign of a well cut die.   I think I need some wording in the other corner. I just used a flourish stamp in opposite corners.  So a plain and ordinary mirror turned into something a bit special.   I'll show the two Owl dies tomorrow!

I shouldn't be here, I should be in Cardiff.  The plan was to travel down yesterday, and meet up with a friend in Cardiff, then spend some time with my nephews and nieces and generally just chill out.  That was the plan...  Well after a good nights sleep I felt fine,  I'd already done my packing, just needed to put it into the car.  So after making myself look presentable I packed the car, and headed off.  By this time it was pouring with rain,  but I was okay, I had a stash of CDs with me to stave off boredom.  I got onto the M57, that as usual was fairly quiet,  but it was also a taste of what was to come, the spray from the lorries was ridiculous, I thought they had to be fitted with anti spray devices?   I ploughed on to the M62,  which of course was busy,  lorries nose to tail, idiots driving too fast and without any lights,  it was fast becoming a nightmare.  I decided to pull off at a service station I knew, but some plonker had altered the layout, plus the lorries all lined up in the slow lane made it impossible to see the signage - which in my opinion should also be in the central reservation! I kept going, well I had no choice, and made it to the M6,  but I had a massive panic attack,  and came off at the first service station I could find.   I just couldn't face another 4 hours of driving on the motorways,  my nerves were already shredded.   So I had to cancel and head home,  my friend was okay about it, actually she was also relieved as her dad had taken a turn for the worse so she really wanted to stay at home.   I headed home, of course having to use the M6 for a short while,   my hands were literally glued to the steering wheel.   I was relieved leave the M6,  the M62 was by now quieter,  my only problem came when I got off the motorway,  and it was due to a very stupid silver haired woman in a beaten up corsa,  first she was crawling along at a snails pace, then the next thing she was imitating Stirling Moss, jumping lights, cut people up, including me, she was a complete idiot.  I was relieved to be home. 

I think the week must have caught up with me, all the hassle with the HB, which did get sorted out at the One Stop shop on Thursday,  the assistant after looking at my paper work couldn't work how they'd arrived at the ludicrous figure of £224 pw for income,  it dawned on me that some plonker had misread my pension as being paid weekly.  So it was all changed,  and I was assured that I would get HB. I didn't even have to wait long.   But it all must have taken its toll,  and as my friend said to me later, it was also too soon to make such a long journey. 

Little things catch me out, as yesterday when I went to put mum's ashes in the car,  I realised that in taking them to Cardiff she wouldn't be here when I got back, the ashes have been strangely comforting, I never thought they would be, and why so many want to hang on to them.  So  I put some in a small jar.  I still can't bring myself to throw away her toothbrush.  When I am shopping I am only too aware that I am shopping for one, and that everything is geared towards two people or more.   Maybe it is now starting to hit me,  I feel as if I've been walking around in a daze most of the time.  And there are still people who don't know,  like the practice nurse, I had to go for a meds check, and she asked how mum was, which surprised me,  but she'd not been told and then of course felt awful.   Mum touched many people's lives,  she was always knitting, when she couldn't knit jumpers she switched to toys, hence the practice nurse got a set ducks, Mother duck and a little one,  others would get footballers or a Father Christmas. 

I think that is enough for now.  I want to use my new Owl dies tomorrow,  I knew the moment I spotted them they'd be in my basket!   I was actually quite restrained,  the cardstock was an essential as it is the colour core,  and I got a new versamark watermark ink pad, and have taped on it 'Clean',  in the hope that I won't make it mucky.  I did think about a die holder,  the Tattered Lace  had one at just 9.99,  as opposed to the TH folder at £25!   They didn't have much in the way of any spellbinders, or any adirondiacs, and I would have liked a couple more colours.  The other reason for the trip was to get back onto the motorway,  in much the same conditions as yesterday.  I did okay this time, though of course there weren't as many lorries. 

That really is it,  enjoy your weekend,  hope you are all crafting or doing something nice in spite of this nasty weather.  Thanks for stopping by.


BJ said...

Hugs Cassidy - I have given up mega-travelling in my dotage far too much stress, amazed you even tried it and so glad you decided to return and all is safe. BJ

kokoclowie said...

I think you were very brave to go at all - I hate driving on motorways when theres lots of lorries in good weather so try and avoid it if possible if its been or is raining!

I love the blue mirror, such a pretty result.

As for your home situation, its still very early. I was with Jenny yesterday and someone came up to her to ask after her DH (he passed early Feb), its a hard thing when you find someone who doesnt know.

Take care, hugs
Karen xxx