Sunday, 2 February 2014

A spot of crafting

Sunday and a chance, finally, for a quiet day.  This week has been very busy for me so it was nice just to chill out. There was only one thing to do - craft.  I managed to finish off the box, and then began the finishing work on the mandala.

Best start with the mandala.  I wasn't happy with all the 'space' round the actual mandala, so I chose to fill it in.  Using the self adhesive lead I randomly stuck it down, in the hope it would give a stained glass effect.  I've finished the lower half, so started painting to see what it would look like.  I'm rather pleased with it.   Now I just need to do the top and then it can go into the exhibition.  This is for the art therapy and twice a year they exhibit the work by the students,  I was asked if I'd like to submit the mandala.  So this will be the work for the week.

Now to the box.  I completed painting and distressing the panels on the lower half of the box.  For those unfamiliar with the technique here's how:   Paint your base coat and leave to dry;  once dry add a good coat of PVA glue, with it still wet add your top coat;  finally give it a blast with a heat gun to get it going.  Ideally it is best to then leave it for 24 hours to dry completely.   Yes you can use the crackle paints, but this is so much cheaper.

For the top I selected some natural paper, this lovely piece came from the oriental pack.  Then I trimmed the edges of the box with the self adhesive lead.  I used some rub and buff to give the antique gold effect on the lead.  I've had to give it a few coats, leaving it to dry for a few hours between coats, but it has been worth the effort.  The beauty of this lead is that it is so malleable and will go round curves etc.

And here it is.  I still have a few finishing touches to do but it is pretty much done.  I also used the rub and buff on the lock which was looking a bit tatty.   I had no antique gold card, so cut the shapes from white card and, yes, you've guessed used the rub and buff.  I also managed to find some glossy black card.

I was out and about yesterday.  The weather in the morning was lovely, blue skies, sunshine... it all fell apart by lunchtime and the rain came down - again!    I popped up to Dunhelm Mill to get some clip frames, to my delight they had some priced at 99p.  I also had to replace the condiment set my mum bought many moons ago, it is Denby pottery, but all the seals have gone :-(   So it was replaced by a boring stainless steel thing.   Today was also about form filling,  had to sort out paperwork for blue badge, and tackle the ESA booklet.  Most of it is done, the blue badge stuff has to go in post tomorrow.  I'll be relieved to get it,  my mobility these days is not very good.

And I've got a bit whacky!   I was in desperate need of a new fleece and I'd looked everywhere for something I liked and was also lined, but could  I find anything, could I heck.  So I tried again on line, and came across this,  and well I couldn't resist, so it will be on its way to me tomorrow.   I guess had I seen one with owls I would have got that, but I do like pictures of wolves.  The jacket had very good reviews,  everyone said it was warm and waterproof.   There was once upon a time I wouldn't have even consider buying this,  I would have felt self conscious in it, but I am much more relaxed about my appearance these days.  I'm just anxious about everything else! 

I'm looking forward to a quieter week and there is lots to catch up on.  I am rather missing having someone make me a cup of tea!   Let's hope that the rain eases off this week, especially for those so badly affected by the floods. 

Stay safe, dry and warm.  And thanks for stopping by.

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