Sunday, 29 December 2013

Happy Day!

It is always a happy day when things go right. I did have a muddled morning, one of those when you just can't get going.   After I'd got myself into gear, with the help of a bacon butty,  it was off to the craft table.  First task was to use the new paints to see how they worked,  I think I've got the hang of them now, but first attempt was a mini disaster, just need to practice with them.

Next it was time to use a new template for a dove on my arch template as I wanted to use the lead liner and not the relief paste. 

Then it was onto this beauty, a Celtic knot, all done with the lead liner,  its not quite finished, still got some pieces to put in.   This is the new and thinner lead liner, so it bends more easily.  I do like the thicker stuff for framing, so I'll be using the two.  I did this on a clip frame that I picked up in Hobbycraft, only £2.50.  There is an awful lot of work in this, I also need to number the  pieces when it comes to painting otherwise I'll get lost!

This is a design I reworked using the lead liner. Previously I'd used the relief paste for the petals and buddha.  I now prefer it with the lead liner, I even managed to persuade the lead liner to bend enough for the buddha.  He has since been painted white.  Just a few more bits to do to this. It's nice having a few things on the go as the paint takes time to dry.  The water based paint is quicker,  but each piece has to be placed on a level surface.   The new relief paste also takes an age to dry,  I'm taking a break from using it as I'm having problems with my right wrist and having to squeeze the tube/bottle is proving painful.   Plus the new lead liner goes a long way,  there are ten metres to a roll, but you split it into two, so that makes 40 metres!

Now to the wonky picture!  And the new 'dove' while the cross has gone.   There is still a lot of painting to do,  but now that I am happy with the design it will be done this week.

Tomorrow I have horrible stuff to do, like tax the car, which always makes me grumpy because of the state of our roads. The forecast isn't very good either,  more wind and rain. 

Hard to believe it is the end of the year.   My favourite moment of the year was watching Andy Murray win Wimbledon.  The worst moment was losing my mum,  but out of that loss I discovered how many good friends I have.

That's all for now, I hope to start some painting on the Celtic cross tomorrow, and get a bit more done on the other pieces.

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