Monday, 19 January 2015

Tales from the freezer... brrrrrrrrrrrrr

Cor it ain't half freezing out there, even too cold for Harvey! I've resorted to having a hottie in bed, hot water bottle that is, and Harvey found the warm spot,  so he snuggled down and purred away.   At least today that horrible wind had gone,  but the cold puts you off getting out of bed, but today a lot had to be done,  so I had to get moving early.  And all jobs were done by lunch time,  even got some shopping. 

I am continuing my series of heroes and heroine drawings, the latest is Nelson Mandela, shall have to take a fresh picture as I've tweaked his wonky teeth!  I don't like drawing teeth, or glasses,  hence I set out to do both in two pictures, well three as I've just started a 3rd,  but I'm getting better at the glasses bit.

This is the fisherman,  from my how to draw book,  it was an interesting exercise,   not only glasses but facial hair, and a hat   The glasses weren't too bad,   the guidelines helped a lot.  I had also started a drawing of the Dali Lama, then made the mistake of using the skin tones ...  not a good idea!   I should have used the watercolour pencils and the mixed media pad so I could have done some blending. 

I want to try the exercise which shows you how to enlarge a picture.  Found a lovely pic of my mum in her WAAF uniform,  but it is small, so that could be my challenget this week.


Final pic is a melted candle,  though it it could also be a tree stump I guess.   This was an exercise in shading, which I think I've overdone,  I really needed some H pencils,  an oversight on my part which has now been rectified.  

No sketching tomorrow,  a friend is coming for lunch,  it will be nice to have a catch up.  I've just about located my stash, or the bits I need for a card I have to make,  sadly need some shiny black card!   So I may be a bit late doing this challenge...   I'm just out of practice.  Though I guess if I sorted out the stash properly...   yes and pigs fly!   I did do some sorting out this morning, worked my way through the pile of post - it has been opened but not yet filed,  so that is the next job.  

I also need some new net curtains,  current lot have had it.   I've seen some pretty nets in Dunelm, seems odd buying stuff for the flat,  once mum and I would have had to agree,  though we pretty much shared the same taste.   But in her latter years she was loathe to replace things,  we really needed new pans,  I said I'd buy them but she kept on insisting that the ones we had were okay.   Even getting her to spend money on herself was a battle.

Thats all for now,  next posting will be towards the end of the week.  Thanks for stopping by! 

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