Monday, 5 January 2015

More musings...

 I think I should really change the title of the blog,  I'm hardly crafting, indeed I seem to be glued to my sketchbook. 

Yesterday, before I even went near the sketchbook, I attempted to fix the shower...  much gnashing of teeth later, mostly cos the wires had been cut so short that it made it difficult to wire the switch,  I turned it on.... puff, fused.  Damn, blast,  earth wire had slipped out, try again, same result... me,  baffled, consult google, look for diagram,  ah...    wire in wrong place!  But by that time I was stiff and my back was aching, so shall finish the job tomorrow.  I then had a bath,  haven't had a bath for years,  it was really nice.  Helped with the back as well, until that is, it was time to get out, which is why I use a shower!    After that I treated myself to a well earned bacon butty.

Then it was back to Mr Wolf,  which I started on Friday,  but was using a photo this time.  I've added some colour, wolves don't have much colour, except for the eyes, which are like amber.  So beautiful.  Wasn't sure with this attempt, see above,  something didn't feel right about it.   So put it to one side and started a tiger,  which is almost finished - never realised how many stripes a tiger has, and of course on the face one side must mirror the other.  I've also found a lovely colour photo of a tiger, so that is next on the list. 

Back to Mr Wolf,  I realised what was wrong, his face was too wide.   So a bit of erasing, and a bit more shading and here he is, in all his glory.   He's not smiling as much in this sketch,  I really took notice of the detail on the photo,  but having followed the tutorial my placement of the eyes, nose and mouth was much better.  Think I'll be carrying on with the guide lines.  

This morning it was all go,  a bit of tidying up,  put washing away, strip bed,  clean up Harvey's mess.  Then of course he wanted to play, so playtime,  then off to supermarket.   Nice to see all the decs are down,   normality has returned.   As have the road works,  still can't figure out what they are doing!   Not sure they know either.  

Having a hair cut tomorrow,  way too long.  Then I might tackle the switch,  it depends on how my back is,  it has been complaining all day.   I'm also expecting an art book to come,  it was posted on 2nd January,  so really it should have arrived today.   And I have a card to make - yikes, not made a card in months.  

Enough wittering I think...    thanks for dropping by.

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