Tuesday, 6 January 2015


A horse, a horse, my pencil for a horse!  Cor it wasn't half freezing out there today.  I've had a few inches of hair removed,  feels so much better.   Then when I got back to the car I had a bloody parking ticket!   I had mistakenly parked in a residents bay, the road where my hairdresser's shop is a bit confusing re parking.  There are a few houses dotted here and there,  some have resident parking, some don't.

Oh well.  Tried to get hold of an oil pastel pencil,  I can get them on Amazon, but not in Hobby craft.  Will try the art shop in town.  But did get a nice sketch pad, a posh one, which I probably won't dare to use.   In the meantime I drew the horse,  wasn't sure about him, but he's growing on me.  I suddenly remembered that I always could draw horses, probably because I was nuts about them during my early teens. 

I got Harvey a present, a new catnip toy, and a scratching box, which is also full of catnip.  Well he went bonkers over the toy,  even started drooling,  the box was also a hit,  it has holes in it so you can stuff toys or treats into it.   He spent over an hour playing with it. 

And here's tigger,  no can't call him that, he is far too majestic.    He's not anatomically correct,  and think I got his ears wrong, when I looked at the photo they were more rounded.   

Just found out that my neighbour, another one, is in hospital.  Folk seem to be going down like flies,  my hairdresser told me that two of his customers died over Christmas, and he was asked if he could do the hair of one of them!   Not sure he wants to,  but he feels obliged.    Harvey was on the prowl last night, he seemed eager to go out so I let him, but I was worried,  fortunately he came back safe and sound.

He's having a lazy evening tonight,  he's snoozing, it is possible he's overdosed on catnip!   Well not sure what will be on the sketch pad tomorrow,  will have to wait and see. 

All for now folks,   thanks for stopping by.

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