Thursday, 15 January 2015

Heroes and heroines

A few months ago I picked up a pencil again and was determined to draw again.   So far I've worked from tutorials, but for the last three days I've worked from photos.  I'm chuffed at this because it is progress,   this is now MY work, not just me following a tutorial.   I am using the guidelines,  they do make life easier!  

I chose to draw Mother Teresa, who did so much for the poor and needy,  but also because she has such an interesting face.  There is beauty in an older person,  and especially in such a face as this, one that has seen so much tragedy and yet the eyes are still full of compassion. 

A little more recogniseable, or I hope so, is Mr Obama,  he certainly wasn't the first time I drew him!   He has a very symmetrical face,  this was a formal photo,  maybe at some point I will feel like tackling teeth.   I drew him pretty quickly,  most of the others have take me an entire afternoon,  he just took a couple of hours.   Well that is me being pernickety,   wanting to get it right.  I'm trying to consider everything,  shadows,  like round the collar, where it is loose, and round the eyes.  The eyes are the important thing,  get those right and the rest follows.  Still awaiting my oily pencil!   Other two bits arrived from Amazon,   Mitch Albom's new book, he wrote Tuesday's with Morrie, and Five People you Meet in Heaven, both worth reading.  

And the 'hunk' as he has become known on a FB group I belong to,  it is actually Jim Morrison,   he was a very beautiful man.  Not got his hair right,  more patience is needed!   But think I will continue doodling with his hair. 

Weather is foul again,  there was blue sky this morning,  didn't last long.   And that wind!   I had to get out the warm fleece,  and layer up.    The good thing about bad weather is that you get good parking spaces, cos other people stay were it is warm.   The forecast said it could snow here, so I've stocked up on food and other essentials,  me and snow don't get on any more.  I love watching it fall, and how the world looks covered in that white blanket,  but it isn't funny trying to walk in it when you need to use a crutch.   Harvey insisted on going out earlier, so I let him out,  shut the door and... five minutes later he was howling to come back in!     Then he howled at me for a cuddle,   next he was howling for food, or so I thought, so I follows him to the kitchen whereupon he...settles down in front of his food bowl and tucks into what I'd put down earlier!    

Off to art class tomorrow,  providing the snow holds off,  mind you it is unusual for us to get snow here - which could be famous last words!   

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