Saturday, 10 January 2015


What a day,  weather wise that is.  A howling wind since last night, and why, oh why can't folk shut gates?   Harvey attempted to go out,  opened the door, a huge gust of wind blew and Harvey headed back upstairs!  What a wimp.  Unfortunately I did have to venture out,  out of cat food,  and he's now in fussy mode.   Was glad to get home,  not just windy but blooming cold. 

So the challenge was Manga,  I know about it, saw many Manga books in the library.  So I had a go,  think some bits work, the eyes are rubbish, one is way too big.  I wasn't going to have another go, but I don't like being defeated, so round two tomorrow. 

I am much happier with this, a Masai warrior,  which is a study from my How to Draw Portraits book.   I used the guide lines,  and just my sketching set of pencils, plus the blenders.   Was a bit worried about attempting to draw his arm and hand, but it worked,  there was tons of shading,  thank goodness for the stumpy.  In the photo,  the blanket was patterned, but decided not to try and put it in, but maybe next time.  I definitely want to draw him again using the skin tones,  and my new pencils...    more on them in a mo.  This was spread over two afternoons,  so relaxing to do.   I wasn't in the drawing mood yesterday, I'd tried a few things and none were working,  I was just on the verge of giving up for the day when I decided to draw him, glad I did.

Yes I have more coloured pencils,  yesterday I went to town.  Wasn't intending to, as I needed to wash my hair etc, but instead of lounging around half the morning I got myself going.   So I was on the bus by 10.30,  and just in time for the weather to take a turn for the worse!   Went straight to the art shop,  and managed to dodge most of the wet stuff.  The shop didn't have any oil pastel pencils, or so I thought, then I found them,  or so I thought...   asked if they did sets and the answer was yes.  Well they also had a sale on, and what should have been £40 was now 28 quid, for the faber and castell pencils.  So got them, and a silicon eraser (much better than your bog standard eraser),  and a half price sketch pad, a good one.  Even got some discount!  Sadly the pencils are not oil based,  rats, darn it,  so will have to go via Amazon for my oily pencil.    Never mind, got the pencils at a bargain price, and they are very nice.   After that I went straight home as by then the rain was really coming down.  I was so cold by the time I got home that I put the heating on,  Harvey was grateful and immediately headed for his radiator bed.   I watched the news,  Sky news made me feel very uncomfortable, their reporters were like a bunch of vultures,   the BBC coverage was more respectful and less sensational. I didn't ever think it was going to end well,   seventeen people are dead and for what, because someone had a sense of humour failure?     Makes me so bloody angry,  reminds me of that quote, which goes (roughly) I may not like what you say but I will defend to the death your right to say it.  That is the basis of a democracy,  we have one, we should treasure it and fight for it every day.   Nor should this scum be regarded as fundamentalists,  they are not,  they are nothing to do with Islam, it is blindingly clear that they have never studied one word of the Koran,  and Christians before you lot get too pious,   remember that the New Testament was a rewrite of the Old,  and written by men of power for men of power.

Right lecture over,   off to skype!

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