Saturday, 31 January 2015

Shivering on a Saturday.

This is Harry,  it's not a sketch of a real cat,  just one I dreamed up.    Cat's noses are really unusual,  sort of heart shaped, but not...     He's not finished,  he would have been had Harvey not disturbed me!   Yes, he awoke from his snooze,   he was cold,  so he got on my lap for a while.   Hard to sketch with a cat sat on your lap.   Last night he hogged the hottie,  sat right on top of it! 

I rather like sketching fur,  it is so therapuetic, relaxing.  He's got to be a lot darker and with a few more markings yet.   I need to print out one of Harvey's photos, then I can draw him.   I also need to start thinking about getting some frames for some of the pictures.  

And this little cutie,  he was from my How to Draw faces book,   but I thought he looked like my youngest nephew when he was a baby, so I altered the sketch a little. 

I felt better today,  so the sketching was a little easier.  I must stop putting pressure on myself,  I don't do it deliberately or all the time, but from time to time I find myself wanting the sketch to be perfect, which is impossible.  

The day didn't start well,   I woke up as usual around 3 a.m.,  had a cuppa and went back to sleep till 5.30,  then I allowed myself to get into a tizz over which supermarket to go to, and if I should pop up to Hobbycraft.  Dumb of me, as that ensures the anxiety will kick in, and it did,  so some podge (porridge), more tea, plus two painkillers and I calmed down.    Next mistake was to watch some of the women's Aussie open tennis final, to see Sharapova getting thumped by Williams.    Sharapova needs to come up with a new game plan,  she is too predictable.  But nor did I like the gamesmanship from Williams.   Tomorrow it is Andy, so I'll be glued to the box for a few hours.

Short post tonight....   stay warm wherever you are. 

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