Thursday, 8 January 2015

I am Charlie

The lion sings tonight....   maybe not!  Lovely and sunny today, but rather chilly,    and a bad dose of sciatica.  Which made the quick trip the the supermarket a tad on the slow side,  had no choice out of milk and more importantly - out of cat food!   The amazing thing is that Harvey is eating all his food,  probably just burst the bubble now.  

Anyways back at the sketch pad this handsome chap emerged.   Still have lots to do on his mane,  the lion's mane is very thick,  and his chin has white fur,  still need that white oil pencil!  I'm using my skin tones and sketching pencils only,  they are just the right colours for him.  On the last sketch, via the tutorial you could see his ears, but on the photo's I've looked at the ears seem to disappear into the fur.  Of course he needs whiskers - that white pencil again!   It will have to be the art shop,  checked everywhere else. 

In between sketching the lion, I did this chap, a Barn Owl.  I can see the mistakes, but overall I'm happy with him.   Still building up my confidence,   which takes time. 

Now want to draw a unicorn,  just something fantastical,  which I think would be fun.   But first there is a trip to the art shop,   planning to go tomorrow providing the weather is okay.  

Still no shower,  need to go back to square one I think,  but not till the weekend.   So it is bath time tomorrow,  got a new shower thingy,  old one was useless,  water was dribbling out of it.   This is not helped by the silly taps the repair man put on,  no doubt they were cheap.  

And the terrible events yesterday in Paris.   How can anyone be afraid of a cartoon?    God gave us a sense of humour,  we have a duty to use it.   The cowards who perperated this heinous crime did so in the name of God,  think they are in for a surprise when they get to the pearly gates.   We all have a duty to stand up for democracy, and the right to express our opinon freely,  if you don't like it then go and live under a dictator.   This I feel so strongly about,   it is akin to the Nazis burning books,   and I will not live in fear from these cowardly scum.  

Right I'll hop off the soap box,   Harvey is once again in the land of nod,  he had an hour fresh air earlier this evening,  that's on top of his morning constitutional.   Enough for any cat I think.  We did have a lie in this morning,   he does like it when the heating comes on,  it warms up the radiator shelf so he can sit and keep his tum and bum warm. 

All for now,  could be a unicorn tomorrow gracing the blog...   thanks for stopping by.

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Cazzy said...

Hi Cass, Happy New Year. We haven't chatted for ages.
Love the lion, and I just looked back at your sketches which are amazing. That hole looks like the England has vanished.
Are you doing art classes or something? Love the horse, I used to draw horses all the time when I was younger, couldn't join up the bits, the head might be ok, the leg might, but then the body or neck would look all wrong.

Sensible Harvey keeping warm. Yes the events in Paris and elsewhere are totally senseless, the world is going mad.
Cazzy x