Saturday, 1 August 2015

All done upstairs

It is getting exciting in the dolls house.  The decorating is going very well.  I thought I'd show how I'm managing to paper round the windows.  The first owner, who had begun to assemble the house (very poorly), did leave all the push out bits. So I had the inner bit of the window, hence it is easy to draw round and then cut out the aperture.   As you can see here, this paper was used in bedroom 2,  still not sure which will be the master bedroom...    The upper floor is pretty much done, as you will now see.

Yep we have carpet!   I made a trip to B&Q to get some carpet tiles. They had a fairly good selection,  I spotted this gorgeous deep purple, which has finished off bedroom 1 very nicely.  You can also now see how I managed to finish off round the windows.  I used the inner window, and my curvy drawing line and made a template out of stiff card.  The next bit was to find some nice white card and make the window frames.  They've been finished off with glossy mod podge.  You can just see the large window, which will get the same treatment.

This is the landing area, which will have a chair, or sofa, plus table, lamp and bookcase.  I toyed with going for a tiled look, but chose to use the cream carpet.  I first made a template out of card, as there is a hole for the stairs!   Then I put the template onto the back of the carpet tile, drew round it with a white pencil, and cut it out.  I'm used to cutting carpet tile as I have them in my bedroom.  The trick is to use a fresh blade in the stanley knife, and have a metal rule to use as a guide and take it slowly.

The bathroom!  The lower half of the paper is the 'tiled' bit, it's had two coats of glossy mod podge, but still needs one more.  For the floor I first cut out a piece of stiff card.  This was taped down to my cutting mat.  Then out came that chequered duck tape,  it was easy to match up,  I left a couple of inches over so it could be tucked underneath for a tidy finish.  It will be stuck down, but for now it is still removable.  I have to say I was really chuffed with this,   I had been wondering how I'd come up with a tiled effect for the bathroom. 

The last room to be wallpapered was bedroom 2. I wasn't sure which paper to use.  I came up with this combo, the strips and the teeny tiny hearts paper on the front wall.  I've put some acetate in the large window.  Also found a great way to get the mod podge off,  I put a dab of washing up liquid on a damp cloth,  apply to acetate and bingo - it is clean!   I'll cut the carpet tomorrow,  I was starting to get tired,  so much so that I managed to slice open my little finger - I took that as the point to stop. 

The upstairs is now pretty much done, the window frames need to be added in the bathroom and bedroom, plus a little trimming.   Then it will be on to the downstairs.  I've already figured out the layout,  and chosen some papers.  Then will come the furniture and of course the lighting.    I'll need to put a baton across the upstairs roof area.  Still toying with skirting boards, because the front windoes are so low the wide skirting board looks a bit silly.  Yet a skirting board would finish it off nicely.   Oh yes, the curtains!  I am allergic to sewing,  so may have to go down the ready made route!    With it now being partially decorated the house is looking so much better,  there is still a lot to do to the outside, plus the roof, verandah...   Doing this has boosted my confidence, I think by the end I'll be eager to tackle a much longer dolls house project.  I am glad that I got this house, it has been very manageable for a beginner. I wish the first owner hadn't stuck on the exterior window frames, they really made a hash of things,  some aren't straight, and all needed a damn good sanding.  But nothing I can do about that,  just focus on what I can do, and what I can alter.  

No idea where summer has gone,    the forecast today said we'd have sunshine... so we got rain!   Can we hope for an Indian Summer?

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