Tuesday, 5 January 2016

The grass is greener... ?

Good evening.   It is still extremely wet here...  may swap car for a boat.

The base is coming along nicely.   After the filler had set thoroughly I sanded it.  Then the whole thing got a coat of dark chocolate paint.  I then sealed it again with PVA, and gave it a blast with the heat gun to dry it off.  Now comes the gungy part - covering it in foliage!

I have to be mindful of where the Hall will sit and keep that area clear of landscaping.  There is also a gate and fence to consider, plus trees, lamp posts...   wondering whether to stick all the stuff onto the base or - decisions!   

I've also repaired Railway Terrace.  I'd messed up a little, so I wasn't able to glue the front of the houses onto the pavement.   I had to carefully prise off the brickwork bits,  then stick front to pavement and reattach other bits.  It all went incredibly smoothly.  Only one snag,  can't remember where I put the front doors!   They're here,  as usual they've been put somewhere safe.   A habit I think I'd no longer adhere to.

Nothing else to report on the building front.  I'm currently making roof tiles for Railway Terrace, and about to order some for Winterberry Hall. 

I'm a medical mystery according to my doctor.  I have all the symptoms of anaemia, except I have plenty of iron, what I don't have is a lot of red blood cells.  They come in handy for transporting oxygen round the body.  So GP is stumped and is passing me on to a specialist,  in the meantime I have to learn to cope with the tiredness, and with the cold weather my raynauds!   I forgot my gloves the other day and oh boy did I suffer,  the lovely assistant in Tesco was very patient with me as I fumbled for my money,  she sympathised with me.   I had to wait in the car till my fingers had woken up again before I could drive home. 

I've had fur flying here,  first Tibs, Harvey's 'girlfriend', tried to come in after I'd locked up.  It turns out her owner is on holiday, so a neighbour is looking after Tibs.   Then last night she tried to pinch Harvey's food, he took exception and so fur was flying...   no idea why he was so hostile as he'd not been keen on the food.   He had a treat today, some chicken,  I was making a curry and the chicken breast was a little too big for me.  He's currently outside, contemplating whether to take his evening stroll or go back to sleep.  

That's all for tonight,  hopefully I'll get more green stuff on the base tomorrow - if I survive the kitchen cupboard clear out!  

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