Friday, 27 November 2015

The Railway Inn is ready for business

Welcome to the Railway Inn :-)    We're almost there,  just need to paint the roof and fix the chimney stack. 

The whole thing came together very quickly,  my small building skills must be improving.   I've just ordered another piece of signage for the pub, which may well arrive tomorrow.  Now the pavement area needs to be sorted out,   was planning to wait for the paperclay, but that won't be here for another week. 

I did, as you can see,  paint the middle window panes.   And the peel off letters were a perfect fit. 

A full picture,  once the roof has been painted it will look the part, and when it has had its new sign added.   Now I need to get some ink cartridges for the printer,  hopefully I can manage that tomorrow. 

I'm still feeling very tired, last night I was in bed by 8pm,  a friend phoned me when she couldn't get me on skype.   I think I'm going to have to go back to the GP, this tiredness is beyond a joke.   I didn't think I'd over done things yesterday,  I had to wash down the pedals in the car...  a long story, but somehow I'd got battery acid or something on them as after driving my shoes literally fell apart, the soles had been eaten away. Anyway, after doing that I ended up giving the car a quick wash.  Then after a cuppa I popped to the supermarket, where I walked round at a snails pace,  which was about all I could manage.   When I got back home I was whacked, so much so that I fell asleep in the chair.  I intended to paint the pub roof, but was just too bushed to do it. 

I also feel very achy,  more so when I start to feel the tiredness come on.  The only other time I've felt like this, or similar was when I had flu a few years ago.   But this isn't the flu,  nor have I had the flu.   Poor Harvey had to wake me up so I could feed him,  that was around midnight, the poor lamb had been lying on my bed hoping I'd wake up!   He gobbled down a whole bowlful of food,  then we both snuggled up and went back to sleep till 3 a.m,  when Harvey decided he needed to go out.  Well he'd not been out in the evening,  cos I'd been asleep, so I let him out,  and he didn't come back till nearly 6 a.m..   I only woke up then because I was feeling very achy and sick,  Harvey dashed in as soon as I opened the door, and headed straight for his litter tray!   Then he refuelled,  and headed back to bed, I joined him and we stayed there till nearly 9.30.    I had to rest this afternoon,  I used the recliner, was going to watch the Davis cup, but fell asleep. 

I feel a little better tonight,  but that I because I've rested all day.   I was also hoping my new shoes would come,  they are to replace the one's that were ruined in the car.   I can only think that when I was up at the retail park someone must have spilt some battery acid, I was parked by Halfords,  so I must have walked in it, then transferred it to the pedals, though they weren't damaged, just my shoes!   After I'd washed the pedals and the car mat, everything seems fine,  I wore an old pair of shoes, and they had no damage on them after I'd driven to the supermarket.   Oh well, at least the car is clean,  been threatening to take it to a car wash of some description. 

Well it will be a 'take it easy' weekend,   I have no choice,  then back to the GP to see if he can figure out what is wrong with me.    

Thanks for stopping by and listening to my moans and groans.  Have a good weekend.

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