Monday, 15 February 2016

Church farm cottages progress report

I've got lots of progress to report on.  I've managed to do all the render and the brickwork.  Today I put the final coat of paint on the frontage, and fit the windows, and the window ledges.  Just the front door to go on now, oh and the porch.  

It's all been very stop and start the last couple of days as things had to dry before I could move on to the next stage.  But it was definitely worth my patience, plus I watched the rugby. 

From the outside to the inside of the large cottage.  I'm thinking of putting a frame round the door,  just to tidy up the edges.   I really need to have a go at making curtains,  it would add a nice finishing touch.    I was thinking that some wide ribbon would do for the curtains, and use a cut down cocktail stick for the curtain rod. 

 Stick with the theme of the large cottage,  here is the main room with the completed fireplace.   I used some grey paint for the brick work, then smudged on some black soot (from the TH range of distress ink pads).   I then glued some black card to the back of the fireplace, and then blacked the inside of the arch. 

I have begun to think outside the box, I used some white card for the ceiling.  Then it occurred to me that I could use an embossing folder, one with a very small pattern, to give the illusion of a fancy ceiling.  Just need to find the right folder. 

This shows the whole of the large cottage.  The upstairs could be divided.   Something to consider if I choose to put any furniture in it.  I did something similar with Teacup Cottage, so I know how.   Why isn't it divided?  Well because the kit is in the basic range, so it is a little cheaper.  But it doesn't cost much to make your own walls, or buy the door kits.   However the houses are not set in the current year, but rather back in the late fifties, so things would have been much different.  

Last pic, this is of the rear wall and shows the brick wall of the small cottage.  I've just started to paint the bricks,  just mixing up different paints and using my stipple brush.  This is terracotta, mixed with some brandy cream.  On the other side is the rendered wall,  it needs one more coat of warm cream, and then I can start smudging it!  

Tomorrow I need to glue the front of the cottages to the pavement and let it set.  And also read up on how to make the thatched roof. 

It looks like this cold stuff is in for the week, and while I'd much rather have this than the wind and rain, it isn't helping the Raynauds.  Even with thermal socks my feet are like blocks of ice, tonight I had to warm up my tootsies in a bowl of warm water.    I can't stay out for long either,  most of my body is okay, but my wonky knee, hands and feet, plus lower back do not like such cold conditions.  The car is clean, I took it through the car wash, well the windows were filthy and with the bright sun it was getting hard to see. I do find it useful to see where I am going!  

As for Harvey, he's not keen on this cold snap,  he seems to prefer snuggling up on my bed or on his which is next to the radiator.  

Well all for now,  back soon with a cottage update. 

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