Sunday, 28 February 2016

An update...

After giving it a lot of thought I decided to remove the clay thatch.   I just didn't think I had done a very good job, and nor was there anyway I could rescue it.    I've decided to use the thatch that is designed for dolls houses.   The first job was to remove the clay,   it wasn't too bad,  of course there were some stubborn bits!  But it did come off, and then it was all sanded down, and given a coat of PVA. 

I ordered the thatch from Hobby's,  here it is what it looks like.  I think you'll agree it is fairly realistic.  So now I just need my order to arrive and I can get going.

 I'm hoping that the roof will look like this by the end.  At least that is the plan, luckily Hobby's also has some instructions on its website, and if that fails then there is always Youtube. 

Since I couldn't work on the cottages I turned my attention back to the terraced houses.  I had found the 'missing' bits!   But first I removed the pebble dash, I felt that wasn't working very well and used the render technique.  The pebbledash came off very easily.  I masked off the brickwork and applied the render, then left it to dry overnight.  

Today I gave it a first coat of paint, then tidied up the windows and door frames.  Next  I added the pavement using the paperclay.   I much prefer the paperclay to the airdry clay, the former is much easier to work with.   So tomorrow I'll tidy up all the paintwork, and the brick work, add the doors and finish off the roof. 

I've had a quiet week,  it was somewhat forced on me after the stress of the mental health assessment caught up with me in the form of a really bad stomach ache.   It lasted for 3 days, so I couldn't do much other than just take things easy.  A friend popped round and offered to clear out the junk in the cloakroom.  She took everything out, and I mean everything!   Between us we divided things up into three piles, what could stay, what was for charity,  and what needed to go.  Oops, sorry a fourth pile: things to be sold.   The charity stuff and stuff that was destined for the recycling centre, went into bags, the rest returned to the cloakroom.  But boy does it look much better, and once the stuff for sale goes there will even be some space in there.     We also had a 'day out' of sorts,  we took the stuff to the recycling centre, then enjoyed some lunch at the garden centre  - my treat, a reward for my friend's hard work.  I couldn't have cleared out the cloakroom alone,  these days I need help with stuff like that.   The stuff for the charity shops has also gone.   I'd forgotten that I'd had a clear out, thanks to my sister and her husband, after mum died, so there isn't a lot of junk in the flat.  

This week I'll be making enquiries about the downstairs flat.  Neighbours have been offering to help, so I am feeling a little less daunted.   I've also got blood tests and an ecg this week,  this is so they can change my meds for my depression.    And there is also the not so small matter of my niece's baby, who appears very reluctant to make his debut.  He was due about three days ago,  he'll probably come tomorrow, 29th Feb, just to be different. 

 Well I think I'm all caught up,  have a lovely week and thanks for stopping by. 

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