Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Paving the way!

I think it is safe to come out now.  We've had a few very stormy days,  on Monday I came close to being blown over,  got caught in Storm Henry (who decides on the names?).   Poor Harvey has been stuck in, it was amusing to see him attempting to go out, he'd poke his nose out of the door, the wind would blow and he'd shoot back inside.   He did find my hot water bottle, or the warm spot above it on the duvet.  I have been busy on the Lodge, making progress albeit slowly.

I wasn't happy with the gravel path so I scraped it off.   Using the paper clay I made a proper path both outside the porch, and through the graveyard.  I've now got the hang of the pavement mould,  so they look pretty good.  The Lodge is complete,  it has had plenty of weathering with the black soot, which I sponged on. 

The grassy bits are all done,  now I need to finish off the flower beds around the lodge.   I've managed to locate all of the flower soft bits and bobs, so I hope to make a few flowers. 

I've also begun work on the gravestones,  it is exceptionally messy work.  I've just popped a few into place to give an idea of what it will eventually look like.   The fence and walls have to be added, oh and of course the Lych gate. 

Yesterday was spent in the bathroom, no, not pampering myself!   I had to replace the shower switch.    I got one in B&Q,  I'd written down exactly what I needed in case I couldn't find it. Now usually there are plenty of staff in the store, but not yesterday,  luckily after a bit of a search I found the switch. 

It wasn't straight forward as the wires had to be stripped back, and they are heavy duty wires.  I seem to have acquired a lot of patience as I managed not to get frustrated.  I just took my time, rested when I needed to, and engaged brain to come up with the best plan of how to tackle it.   Stripping the wires was the worst bit, made a little easier cos at some stage in the past I had actually bought a proper wire stripper.  Once that was done it was easy, put wires in right places and secure to back plate, switch electric back on and cross fingers...  yes, a working shower!    It is much easier for me to shower than to have a bath, plus having a water meter means I'm conscious of how much water I use.  Do I separate my coloureds from my whites, do I heck, they all get bunged in together.  I put my bedding and towels in together on a hot wash, and the shortest wash.  Let's face it our clothes don't get as dirty these days.  I remember having to use a twin tub,  mum thought it was wonderful, which it was, but it was still a lot of faffing.  And yes, I did use a mangle,  well mum did mostly, but me and my sister would help her with the washing.   Mum would also go to the launderette,  the place would be packed, and it was a gossip shop.  We had a massive laundry room in the army barracks,  we could get our sheets sent off to be laundered, but most of us hated how stiff they were when we got them back.  So we put up washing lines,  as long as they stayed out of sight it was okay, and there was no washing out on inspection day!    I was lucky to have my own bunk (room), that meant I could have a few luxuries, TV,  ironing board, iron,  even a little grill, plus kettle, of course!    And why, you ask, would an ironing board and iron be a luxury?  Cos it saved time,  and you could guarantee a clean iron with which to iron your white shirts, and uniform.  As a staff car driver I had to be immaculately turned out every day, and often had very early starts and would frequently finish very late if my boss, the Brigadier, had to attend a function.   Now I hate ironing!  

It was a relief to be able to fix the shower switch, I thought I might have to pay for an electrician.  That was to be my last resort.   I looked at the switch and to me it was like a large plug, so as long as I got the wires in the right order all would be fine.   Fortunately for me, my mum taught me how to wire a plug, and I'm so glad she did.   I am relieved that if the lights go out that I don't have to physically replace the fuse, but just reset the trip switch.  

I'm glad that Storm Henry has finally passed through,  oh for some calm, dry and sunny days!    Well that is all for tonight...   thanks for stopping by.

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