Friday, 5 February 2016

Weathering the storms...

Okay,  I've had enough of the rain and the wind, so can we have some different weather?  Yesterday it was freezing, windy and chucking it down, today the only difference is that it is a little warmer.  Either way I decided to stay put. 

I've definitely acquired the decluttering bug.  Today it was two of the kitchen drawers...  in one were a load of batteries, plus various chargers.   After figuring out which chargers need to be kept, and which batteries were dead,  out they went,  light bulbs went into light bulb box.  Knick knack drawer also had a sort out,  now I can actually see what is in them!   On Wednesday I washed all the ornaments in the sideboard cupboard.   Now I've quit smoking everything is much cleaner, and yes, it smells fresher.    The kitchen is now decluttered,  next up it is the craft storage....  :-( 

So after the declutter I settled down for some work on the lodge.  All the gravestones I want to use are now painted and weathered.  The path also got the weathering treatment, see the first pic.  It had a couple of coats of paint, then I sprinkled on some sand,  then to finish off I put more of the clumpy grass down both edges.   I also cut a piece of balsa wood, painted it green and have begun to create a hedge, you can just see it in the background.    I cut down some small flowers that were spare and stuck them into the corner by the porch

In amongst the gravestone set were some tiny crosses,  so I glued one onto the lodge.   I still need to put the fencing in place, and make the rest of the hedge.   And I need to decide what my next project is going to be.    There is far too much choice on the PP website    and also I think the possibility of a new house!   Mind you I have a big birthday coming up,  which is a bit scary.  I've not really enjoyed my birthday these last two years,  I've rather preferred to have them slip by.  Not sure how I feel about this biggie,  I liked being 30, didn't mind 40 or 50, but...  just not sure.    Today my appointment with the mental health team came through,  unusually it is on a Sunday.   I had to read the date twice,  and I'll have to check the A-Z to see where it is.   Still not heard when my date with Dracula, sorry, the haemotologist, will be.  The fatigue continues,  if I rest I get lulled into a false sense of security and think I'm on the mend, I only have to go out to be proved wrong.    This week I found the wind so strong it was difficult to stay upright,  I began to feel like a frail old lady.  Then from nowhere I began to feel anxious about falling over,  I was near were I had my bad fall a few years ago.  The anxiety is now affecting my sleep, or rather my trying to get to sleep.  It isn't helped by all these scare stories on cuts,  I can't tell you how much I hate this damned government, they are a bunch of liars.   Best step off my soap box!

And here he is, the pain in my life.  Yes he look so innocent here,   in fact he'd just turned his nose up at a bowl of food. Nothing unusual in that,  that is what he does.  I'm sure there is something wrong with his nose!   No I am not kidding.  Today for example,  I put some nice, fresh food down, he takes a quick sniff and wanders off...   I wait, pick up bowl and take it to him, another sniff and, he starts eating!   He does that a lot,   and I have tried putting his food bowl in a different place.   I don't think he ever had a regular meal time,  all my other cats did.  He did get into a fight last week, well I think he was ambushed as he's been wary about going out since.  I found a few scratches on him, none are serious, and all are healing well.   He did acquire a new toy the other day, the pull cord from the broken shower switch!  I have no need of buying this cat expensive toys, he is very good at choosing his own from around the flat.  His favourites are the rubber feet from one of his old, plastic feeding bowls, oh and a piece of rubber he found outside somewhere.   What he doesn't like are balls,  he is just not interested in chasing a ball.    He's now returned from staring at the rain,  he is as fed up with this weather as I am. 

Well I need a cup of tea and to write my diary entry.  More over the weekend.

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