Monday, 8 February 2016

Will it ever stop raining?

Oh for goodness sake, what is with this weather?   Enough!   Harvey keeps looking at me as if it is my fault he can't go out.  I think he managed five minutes this morning before giving up.    I've not managed even a minute!   It was definitely a 'hunker' down day,  especially after last week's experience when I nearly got blown over.  So it was a spot of dusting,  and then I set to destroying the landscaping...  !   Before tucking into a delicious cauliflour cheese.

Yes, I did say I have destroyed the landscaping for the lodge, only some of it.  Why you may ask? Well,  I have chosen my next little house, well cottage, make that two cottages.   They're called Church Cottages, so I thought I'd put them with the Lodge, but on the opposite side of the road.   So I'm removing the graveyard,  that will give me enough space to put the two little cottages.      The paperclay is actually coming off quite easily,   just got a little more to do. 

The hedge is coming along nicely.  I found a tube of the collal 3D glue, which has no smell, so I tried that with the foliage and it worked.  It made life so much easier, and slightly less messier.  So two pieces are now in place,   a third piece is almost ready to be glued into place, and I just need to cut the piece of wood for the small hedge.   I added a few more flowers to the 'lilac',  and still debating what other flowers to put round the lodge. 

The cottages will be a challenge as they have a thatched roof, so that is going to be interesting, plus although the cottage are joined, they both have a different finish.  

Oh I've not mentioned that it is Chinese New Year,  and 2016 is the year of the Fire Monkey, which is me!    And that's all for today,  stay safe and warm. 

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