Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Just another brick in the wall

A wall, a brick wall,  love to say that I made it but,  nope it is plastic.  But it looks the part,  or will do once it has been painted and weathered.  The kit arrived on Tuesday,  got enough to make a longish wall,  end bricks etc.   I am all for making life easier for myself,  and there is no way I could make something this good out of paperclay.   There are also other kits to make a broken wall, and also an archway.    I need to get the correct glue,  sadly Hobbycraft had sold out, so I made do with another contact glue. 

An ariel view of the lodge, now with two hedges,  number three is now drying and waiting to be glued into place.   The brick wall will go on the right hand side of the lodge.  You can also see where I've stripped away the landscaping.  The new kit arrived today, and it will fit nicely on the board.  I will need to increase the size of the road, but that isn't a problem.

Here is the latest project:  Church Farm Cottages. It arrived today,   we had a very late post.  I'd given up hope of getting any post, then at just after 3pm the postie came.   Too late to make a start, other than to check off the pieces, then do my own labelling.    Tomorrow it will get a coat of diluted PVA glue,  it will act as a primer and make painting much easier.   Oh and the glueing,  if it hasn't been primed then the glue just soaks into the MDF, at least that's been my experience, the PVA primer stops that. 

And hopefully it should eventually look something like this!  This is the made up kit,  all the work has been done by Bea Broadwood, she is such a talented lady. 

I need to read up on how to construct the thatched roof.   The brickwork will also present some challenges.    Each kit seems to stretch me a little more, which is nice.

It's been a good and bad day.   The good was the weather, blue sky, sunshine, very little wind.   The bad, I am still having difficulty in getting to sleep, so I am waking up feeling wrecked.   I had some plans for this morning,  I had hoped to get down to what we call the 'erosion',  it is part of our wonderful beach,  but I had hoped to manage to get there and at least enjoy some of the lovely weather.  Then I began, well dithering,  which led to me feeling irrationally anxious and in the end I decided against going to the beach.    I did make it to Hobbycraft, just,  it took a lot of effort,  I focused on what I needed, but it was a battle.     Harvey was also in fusspot mode, but he seems to now realise that I won't tolerate it,  so he eventually knuckled down and gobbled up his food.   I saw a news report on how scientists now believe that domesticated animals understand human emotion, of course they bloody do!   Why do so many humans assume that our furry and feathered friends are stupid?   They often show more intelligence than the human race. 

Also some bad news on my neighbour, it looks like he may not be coming home.  He's now very frail, and lonely,  plus he's getting confused with his medication so they think it best that he go into residential care.    I spoke to his son and suggested that sheltered accommodation could be an option,  at least there he'd get care, and company.   There aren't many of the original neighbours left now,  thought fortunately we''ve been blessed with good replacements over the years, well mostly.    We have got a rum one at the moment, he's not too much of a nuisance thankfully,  but he's not very, er, clean. 

Well best close for the night, still have my diary entry to do.   Plenty to do tomorrow.

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