Saturday, 6 February 2016

Feeling fenced in

Did I say that the weather had become milder, well scrap that cos it is cold!    But the rugby six nations warmed me up, plus the Irish play tomorrow,  I have a foot in both camps. 

Today it was back to more landscaping, and weathering of headstones.   Oh and making hedges.  The hedges do take time as you can only glue on one layer of foliage at a time, it must dry thoroughly before you can move on.  I've just about finished the first hedge, it just as a few tiny gaps that need filling. 

And... spot the picket fence!   Yes, at last I have some of it in situ.  I really should have sunk it in to the paperclay when I laid it down for the grassy areas.   I didn't so I had to roll out a very thin strip to lie alongside the lawn, then the fence got push into it.  It will be painted to make it blend in with the grass and road.  There'll be a hedge running down the side of the annexe, and more fencing along the front.  To guard the graveyard will be a brick wall.  I'm also planning to add a few trees as well, and more flowers around the house. 

This is a tree in progress.  I'm slowly building it up, both on top and underneath.  It will eventually reside on the other side of the house.  This pic gives a nice view of the hedge as well. 

Today has been a lazy day,  it started with a lie in. Harvey did try to wake me up around 7.30 a.m.,  but I told him to push off.    So I snoozed on till just after 9 a.m.,  then I decided I really needed a nice cup of tea,  sadly Harvey still hasn't mastered the art of tea making!   The rain of course was bucketing down,  it didn't stop Harvey in his attempts to go out for his morning walk.   In the meantime I enjoyed my tea and woke my brain up with the cryptic crossword.   Saturday is crossword day,  I indulge in a second paper so I can give my brain a good work out with the various crosswords.    I just needed some essentials from the supermarket, like loo rolls, cat litter, cat food and milk, then I treated myself to a chicken chow mein ready meal, well who wants to cook at the weekend?   I would have cooked my own chow mein had I remembered to take out some chicken from the freezer, but I hadn't and it was what I fancied.   Harvey is also trying a new selection of food,  so far so good, not that it will last, but so far he has surprised me, he tucked into some beef without any fuss and he's never done that before. I have tried to vary his diet but he is such a fussy sod that it is hard to know what he will actually eat.  When he first came to me he preferred the fishy foods,  then gradually he's moved to the meaty dishes.  The only fish he'll eat now is tuna,  and he's not keen on fresh fish.  

I've got a hottie keeping my toes warm at the moment,  trying to keep the heating to a minimum.  Not sure why but I suddenly seem to be really feeling the cold.  So I'm wearing a few extra layers, and nice thick socks.   I had a lovely hot shower this morning,  soooo nice to have a fully functioning shower.    Now it is diary time.  

Enjoy your Sunday.

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