Thursday, 31 May 2012


Well my Craft Artist Professional software arrived today.   Was chuffed as I wanted to get going with some posters.  So as one does, CD inserted into drawer, click okay to instal and... product key... mmm.  Check cover,  check invoice, no product key!    Look on website, nope, no info there.  Check CnC site, and check reviews...  guess what if you already have Craft Artist compact installed you can't access your product key for professional version!   So had to uninstall Craft Artist Compact, and start again, sure enough this time product key for Pro version appeared.  Now a note on the cover would have been handy!  I did also  email Daisytrail and they did get back to me pretty quickly,  but just an NB on the CD cover and all would have been okay! 

So once installed then had to download a few digi kits,  and then try to fathom out how it all worked!  I am the dive in type.  But I did check out the tutorials which are very helpful.   This is what I've made so far, still got stuff to do on it but at the moment it is about trial and error.   Why get this? Well I wanted something as versatile as Microsoft Publisher, but a lot cheaper,  and this certainly seems to fit the bill.  I've tried some CD crafting and not really enjoyed it much,  and this isn't really for crafting, but poster making and stuff like that.  From what I've seen of the digi kits they are well thought out. 

Other than that it was a boring day,  and we were back to the usual weather - rain!  But the dull day did allow me to give the windows a wash.   Got a call from social services,  they are sending me a list of day care centres,  the social worker suggested that mum visit them and see if she likes any, and if she does then they can make the referral.  I've left aside the respite care, one thing at a time I think is best.

Well we have the torch coming our way tomorrow...   for some reason it is going through the posh part of town only!   

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