Sunday, 1 July 2012


At last we had a successful Mind Body and Spirit fair.  It has taken a while, and the frustrating thing was that right at the end we had 3 people wanting to have a go at the encaustic scrying, but no time for them to do it, so we missed out on £60.   But we did have a lovely chat to them all, and they took our card. 

It was a funny old day, I was expecting Debbie to pick me up between 9 and 9.30,  but then it got to 9.40 and no sign.  She comes from Sandbach, which involves a drive down the M6 a motorway I don't like, well not that stretch, so I was a tad worried if she'd had an accident.   I checked my mobile, and she said she was on her way... but I rang her,  felt relieved to hear her say she was just pulling into my road, that meant she was safe, phew.  The hold up had been due to a prat of a delivery driver, who refused to offload the delivery due to Elf and Safety!   Oh for God's sake!  What next?  

So we got to the Civic hall a bit later than planned.  I did know where our stall was, so we saved time there.  But we had a lot to set up, a whole new look for the stall,  shelving,  new covers...  it looked really good by the time we'd finished.  As you can see from the picture.  This was my end of our stall, all my encaustic stuff set out,  plus altar cloth as it is called,  you can't make out the prayer stick,  my favourite buddha is there tho! 

I was amazed as my tags started selling,  at last!   It took just one lady to buy one and suddenly the lot went.   Think they were going to use them as bookmarks, those with the flowers were rejected,  so lesson to me, get rid of the flowers, keep them flat!   I was chuffed of course.   Lots of interest for the encaustic work,  some plain curious and others who had already tried their hand at it. 

It was a long day,  up early to make sure I had everything I needed,  which is why I forgot my paper cutter and craft mat!  Doh!    Was annoyed with myself as I had made a list...  at least I had the really important stuff like the iron, waxes and coated cardstock.  We finished around 5.30, and celebrated our profit with a fish and chip supper,  well in my case it was fishcake and chips,  the fish cake was so big it would have made a good curling stone!   I ate less than half of it - why do they make these things so enormous?    Too many chips as well,  but very nice. 

To round off the day I watched the Murray match,  nice of him to delay his match till I got home, I felt sure I'd miss the first set at least.   But what a thriller,  a bit too tense at times, but he did it,   he is such a talented player. 

Today I used my new desk cycle, a mini cycling machine  that fits under your desk.  Saw it featured one of the health pages in the papers and decided to give it a go.  I managed to do 40 minutes during the day, not all at once, wasn't that daft,  but I really did feel the benefit. Really easy to set up as well.  Was watching Barbara Gray while doing my cycling!  

Now it is time to head for my bed.   Sweet dreams all, stay safe, and many thanks for dropping by, your visits are much appreciated.

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Julia S-W said...

Your stall looks fantastic! I would certainly stop if I was there. I can see why your tags would sell too. Interesting to learn that the ones with the pretty embellishments would be discarded but of course it makes sense doesn't if they're to be bookmarks?!!
Watched the Murray match too and as it went on, I was often watching through my fingers - very gripping to say the least. Even my husband watched it all and he's not into tennis at all (means I often don't get to see evening games - thankfully that meant I didn't see the lovely Raffa get beaten!!).
I'm with you on portion sizes! Seems we have become very American and have to cram our plates with as much food as possible. When DH was posted to Florida and we visited, I didn't bother ordering for myself, just asked for a spare plate!
Glad you had a good weekend, hope your week goes well too.