Sunday, 28 April 2013

A new journey

First I'd like to thank Elizabeth and Karen for their wise and kind comments,  knowing others have been down this path, and are at different stages is very comforting.  So thank you both your words helped a great deal.

I've just been hunkering down this weekend, not doing much but crafting.    I had 3 frames, large frames with a mount,  and I wanted to use them to frame the Crafy Individual quote stamps.  Any stamp with a quote is a must,  well for me they are.  I've got quite a collection now, but always want more.  These stamps lended themselves nicely to the rectangular shape of the frame and the mount, all that was needed was some decoration.  Sadly I didn't use this mount, having stamped and embossed it, it wasn't working with the final design.   I was pleased that the black detail powder had picked out all of the words clearly.

But as you can see I changed my mind completely!  I left out the mount, instead cut a mat using a spellbinders die,  stamped the sentiment in rusty hinge,  then gilded the edge.  I used the inner frame as the guide so I didn't smudge the paste, and used cut and dry to put it on.  I painted the frame a pastel yellow,  and used some muted orange cardstock for both the flowers and background.  I left the whole thing mat,  one can get a bit tired of glazing everything.  I wanted a clean look,  undecided about the butterflies,  think there may be too many!  It is easily rectified as the paint will just wash off.   I had thought about stamping onto the frame,   but went with flowers.   Was wondering how I managed before I got my dies and calibur, they've both made such a difference.  Sorry Bug lovers, but I am now a convert to the calibur.   I even keep the boards in order,  embossing board last, tan mat next, cutting plate, then base plate, so they are ready to go!  And with my sore wrists it is easy to use, not much effort needed at all.

Here's frame number two, using the Hope quotes.  I used my new flourish die and the cosmic shimmer powders.  I dunked the flourishes in versamark,  then lobbed on the powder,  I used white and black card and the purple powder.  I wondered what colour it would be on the black, it was a dark purple, very luscious,  I gave them two coats and they looked as if they'd been enamelled.  I'm also making use of my paper mania card stock, purchased about 2 years ago from The Range.  I didn't use any gilding paste on this, but think I may add it. 

I have now got three projects that will challenge me,  a wooden clog, a fruit bowl and a wooden disc, which I hope to turn into a clock.   The fruit bowl is also wood,  but it was badly stained,  so I rubbed it down then gave it a good few coats of gesso, so now it is ready for me to do something with it.  The clog was something I bougth as a gift for mum, no idea why,   it has been sanded and gesso'd.    I will start with the clog,  I have absolutely no idea what to do with it, so watch this space.    I think the Hope frame may qualify for the artful times challenge.

Now time for a glass of red,  well it is the weekend!   I hope you've all had a lovely weekend whatever the weather was like.  Have an enjoyable week.

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