Sunday, 25 August 2013

What a weekend, and I'm lucky to be here!  On Thursday the boiler was serviced,  the engineer said everything was fine.  But on Friday I realised that the water wasn't hot, so I checked the timer switch and noticed that the engineer hadn't switched it back to timed,  so I did.  Then it occurred to me that it had gone awfully quiet,  the TV was off,  but I hadn't switched it off, tested a lamp, that was also lifeless.  So did the trip switch thing, yay, I had  power again.  I went to switch the boiler back to timed and bang, I got an electric shock.  Now I have a dead boiler,  a neighbour who is a fully registered gas engineer reckons the other engineer hasn't put the earth back properly, but I'd done right thing by switching it off at the main electric point.  Not a happy bunny,  luckily I have hot water in the bathroom via the shower, which is right next to the sink. For washing up I'm having to boil water, which is very annoying and not cheap.   I had to laugh at the irony when the gas safety certificate dropped through the letter box yesterday,  plainly my boiler was NOT safe at all.

So to take my mind off the boiler, I used the elastic band technique,  using the purple and pink cosmic shimmer powders.  Once I'd made my background, leaving a space for some stamping,  I inked it using the distress inks.  Then I used one of my Clarity stamps for the main image,  and used a background stamp to add some interest.  I thought it was 'okay', but not quite there,  a good first attempt for what I was trying to attempt, if you get my drift. 

And here is take two!  I created the background in exactly the same way,  but wanted the lower part of the page to be 'blocked' with colour.  I used a different stamp this time, this is actually a Lindsay Mason stamp, it once had a border but I decided to chop it off to make the stamp more versatile.   I did some second generation stampign with the birds, and created the foiliage with a Clarity stamp, by turning it in various ways.   Nothing on the lower bit is stuck down yet, as I'm still thinking about it.  I got the buttons from the craft shop, aren't they fab!  I needed white card,  but had to make the sale up to a tenner to get my point for the rewards card, and these where £1.75.

I'm much happier with the fairies in this one,   not sure I liked the other image being off set.   Not sure what will be happening at my craft table tomorrow.  The forecast is for a sunny day,  so I may make the most of it, as on Tuesday I'll be waiting in for a repair man.

Thanks for stopping by.

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Elizabeth said...

Oh, my goodness, Cass, that's terrible and it would seem very lucky that you weren't more seriously injured. I'd be mad as h***, it's just plain negligent. Hope you get a full apology. Love the colours on your elastic band cards and I like the fairies 'flitting' on the second ... and those buttons are pretty too. Hope the sun does shine for you tomorrow. Hugs (after your experience I think you need a cyber hug or two) Elizabeth xx