Friday, 9 August 2013

Lightning can strike twice!

We have one fire, followed by another!  This time it was more serious as it was a house fire, luckily no-one was hurt.  Seems a tumble drier had overheated,  my neighbour smelt the burning and managed to switch it off and then call the fire brigade.    She came into my flat for short while, but she went to hospital to get checked as she is asthmatic,  poor love was so shocked.  Think it is smoke damage as she acted so quickly.

I never imagined that all this would happen today, it all started off as usual, boring, dull,cloudy, a bit of sun, but at a nice temperature.   I was wondering what to do so I went to Southport, I just had a need to go get some canvas board. 

It was nice to get out, the last counselling session was a bit intense.  But I have something to do, keep an hourly record of my moods!   Quite scary, just as well I didn't start until today, last night was not good. 

Anyway back to my crafting, well when I managed to get to it after all the drama.  I did some more gelli plate work yesterday,  and made about 3 backgrounds, this one I loved.  I darkened the edges a bit more with black.  I was going for a steam punk feel to it.   Then it needed something to go on.

Lucky then that I'd had a tidy up and found this! Perfect.  I painted the edges red, and again distressed them with black.  I needed to trim the card so you could see the edges. I felt it was going to be one of those pieces that was going to just flow.   And it did.  Once these two were dry, I could start with the decoration.  I stamped the lovely flower, once using a rusty orange,  then another which was embossed with black powder.   I cut two swirls, one was embossed with an orange cosmic shimmer, the other in black.   Used a small piece of lace, the 3 small coins had been unearthed, they got dabbed with some black.  Found the silhouette die...  it really was flowing.

This is the swirl,  and the first stage of the flower, with its clock bit. Behind is my nice and clean glass mat!   Just got to stick a few more bits down and the piece will be all done. 

I picked up a few other bits at the craft shop,a desk set,  in plain card, which I may eventually decorate.  but it has come in so useful already, it had a set of drawers, letter holder, pen holder, stationery tray, and a small note holder.  Well the drawers now have bits and bobs in them, it has a nice deep drawer for the DST and other tapes, smaller drawers have the usuall array of stuff.

Stationary tray has ongoing stuff in it,  notelet hoder has some oft used powders,  pen holder has all the craft knives, pokey tools, scissors, embossing tools, bone folder...  and envelope holder has.... my embossing folders!  Was chuffed at my buy, cos it was also half price.

Here's the other bits I got, all a £1 each, couldn't resist the roses, or the lace.  Though I had got some lovely lace the other week, but for a pound this was hard to resist. 

Just wondering what excitement there will be tomorrow?  Though frankly I think our small street has had quite enough.    We are all agreed on one thing, that the new neighbour is a pain in the butt.  He seemed nice at the start,  but it didn't take him long to show how anti social he could be.   We've had the loud music, banging doors,  the family party that ended up in a fight... needless to say we are not amused and we've complained.   He has a fondness for slamming the front door, so last night I returned the favour (only because my own neighbour is in hospital) by slamming my front door, and making a racket as I went back up the stairs.   We do have a nice neighbourhood, no trouble,  good neighbours,  so if he wishes to stay he'd better improve his behaviour or else.

I've been filling in my mood chart for today,  not too bad,  and I am being honest, no point otherwise.  I hadn't been able to express to my counsellor what I was feeling, so I wrote it all down.  Sat at the computer, had a glass or two of wine and let it all pour out.  I could see the relief on my counsellor's face,  she'd been trying everything.   She has the patience of a saint, and a good sense of humour.   My mood is okayish today, but that is how it can be, tomorrow is a new day and a new mood.  But got things planned craft wise, well ideas at least.  That is another scary part of my treatment, I will have to sit down and make a plan, I've never planned anything in my life!  Even at uni I'd write the essay then write the plan,  so I have no idea about planning, or that I can stick to it.

All for now,  hope you have a peaceful weekend,  one filled with fun and smiles. Thanks for stopping by.

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